If you are planning your trip to Croatia it would be good to know how Croatian currency looks like.
Croatian currency is called kuna. Portion of kuna is called lipa and there are one hundred lipa in one kuna. Paper money denominations are 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kuna. Coins are 25 (special limited edition), 5, 2 and 1 kuna and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 lipa. There are several special issues of gold and silver coins, but they have mostly numismatic value and you will not find it in a daily usage.

So the Croatian currency looks like the following :

Fot EURO equivalent rate of 7,52 kuna = 1 EURO is used
Fot USD equivalent rate of 6,76 kuna = 1 USD is used
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Croatian money_1000 via vacationsOne thousand kuna
local : tisucu kuna (local pronunciation)

equivalent of:
EURO  132,97
USD   149,92

Croatian money_500 via vacationsFive hundred kuna
local : petsto kuna (local pronunciation)

equivalent of:
EURO  66,48
USD  73,96

Croatian money_200 via vacationsTwo hundred kuna
local : dvjesto kuna (local pronunciation)

equivalent of:
EURO  26,59
USD  29,58

Croatian money_100 via vacationsOne hundred kuna
local : sto kuna (local pronunciation)

equivalent of:
EURO  13,97
USD  14,79

Croatian money_50 via vacationsFifty kuna
local : pedeset kuna (local pronunciation)

equivalent of:
EURO  6,64
USD  7,39

Croatian money_20 via vacationsTwenty kuna
local : dvadeset kuna (local pronunciation)

equivalent of:
EURO  2,65
USD  2,95

Croatian money_10 via vacationsTen kuna
local : deset kuna (local pronunciation)

equivalent of:
EURO  1,32
USD  1,47

Croatian money_coins via vacations


All payment in Croatia should be made with Croatian currency. However, many shops and restaurants in tourist areas regularly accept foreign currency, especially EURO. No need to mention that all credit cards are accepted (may vary from site to site).

Foreign currency equivalent shown above might vary due to the daily fluctuations. For the accurate rate check the link below.

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