Dubrovnik travel destination is probably the most famous Croatian tourist spot made even more famous when it became the setting for the popular series Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik’s history goes all the way back to Middle Ages, when it was the centre of maritime republic called Republic of Ragusa (Ragusa being an old name of the city). To this day, some remains of that era represent the most prominent attributes of the city and due to them, in 1979, Dubrovnik was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Unsuprisingly, it was exactly in Dubrovnik that tourism started to develop in this part of Europe. In 1897, the Hotel Imperial was constructed, instantly becominf the symbol of modern tourism of the Old Continent. Throughout history, both the Venetian and the Austrian rule have left enormous cultural impact on Dubrovnik which is mostly recognizeable in architecture.

Tourists are welcome in Dubrovnik travel destination for various reasons. Every year, over one hundred thousand visitors enjoy its heritage and natural beauty which Dubrovnik most definitely does not lack of. The absolutely delightful architecture and passages occupy tourists’ schedules during mornings and evenings, while the afternoons are frequently spent in nature. Whether it’s one of the nearby islands such as Korčula, Lokrum, Daksa or Mljet (also doubling as one of Croatia’s eight national parks) or coastal forests and arboretums, every nature lover will find their oasis. Below are some of the most famous features of Dubrovnik travel destination.

Attractions in Dubrovnik travel destination:


dubrovnik travel destinationWalls of Dubrovnik
In 2013, after millions of excellent reviews, TripAdvisor has listed the Walls of Dubrovnik as one of the 10 monuments everyone should see before death. Almost 2 kilometres long, up to 25 metres tall, the Walls were built between 13th and 17th century as the city’s main defence system.
dubrovnik travel destinationDubrovnik Summer Festival
Established in 1950, this festival combines music, dance and drama in both indoor and outdoor environments throughout the city. Dubrovnik Summer Festival is on of the most prestigious festivals of this kind in the country, as since its beginnings it has hosted numerous acclaimed domestic and foreign artists.
dubrovnik travel destinationStradun
The lifeblood of Dubrovnik. The city’s central street is an inevitable point of socializing and sipping on coffee at every time of the day. Stradun connects the two city gates and you can find a fountain on both ends of this urban walking trail.
dubrovnik travel destinationLovrijenac (Gibraltar Dubrovnika)
Fort Lovrijenac, also know as the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik, is a fortress right outside the western border of the city walls. Nowadays it serves as a venue for theatre shows during Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as well as a wedding venue.
dubrovnik travel destinationSaint Blaise’s Church
A monumental baroque church dedicated to the patron of Dubrovnik. It is home to the sculpture of Saint Blaise, cast in gilt silver, that has “survived” both the earthquake and the fire that struck the church in the past.
dubrovnik travel destinationArboretum Trsteno
The only coastal arboretum on in Croatia. Its content is organized by various historical periods, each equally rich in corresponding flora. We invite you to get lost in the endless parks of palm trees, laurel, cacti and faraway exotic plants brought to Dubrovnik by seamen throughout history.
dubrovnik travel destinationSrđ (eng. Serge)
Four hundred and fifteen metres above Dubrovnik, the Srđ mountain has always been known as a weekend destination to the citizens and visitors of the city. To visit the city’s greatest viewpoint you can hop on the funicular or get there by car.

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