Lenga diving

The island of Mljet is one of the largest islands of the Dalmatian region of Croatia and it is home of great Lenga diving location. It is rich in an underwater life filled with extraordinary fauna, flora, dive sites, sunken walls and underwater caves. Crystal clear sea helps to enhance the experience of day and night dives.

Croatian diving Lenga via vacationsThe south side of the island of Mljet hides some of the most extraordinary diving locations you can find in the Adriatic. One of those hidden gems of Adriatic is the dive which is located next to Pt. Lenga diving site. The site is reachable by the boat that anchors on either side of the Pt., with the anchoring point mostly depending on the weather conditions. It starts from a shallow plateau and gradually continues along a sea wall with the descend that drops to a depth of 86 meters. The wall connects Pt. Lenga diving site with the small island of Vanji Škoj. The location is filled with holes and crevices that offer diverse marine life, and lots to explore for keen divers. Divers can see the colonies of red coral, rainbow wrasses, eels, octopi, lobsters, as well as snails and schools of damselfish. Although the site is recommended for all diving categories, the maximum depth of 86 meters should be reserved only for the more experienced divers, if for nothing else, because of the depth of the dive. When the maximum depth is reached, it should be followed by a gradual ascend before returning to the plateau and before breaching the surface, to avoid decompression sickness. With various currents mixing in this part of the sea, divers can often see tuna, garfish, dentex and Mediterranean barracudas which follow the currents.

Croatian diving Lenga via vacationsYou can be assured you will enjoy this dive site, no matter if you are a novice or an expert diver. The less experienced divers will enjoy exploring holes and crevices found on the lesser depth and the experienced divers will get a chance to dive to a depth of 86 meters, something that can’t be experienced everywhere. So, if you are looking for dive to remember, hop on a plane/car/boat and explore away, without any fear that you’ll be left disappointed.

Access: from boat
Depth: up to 86 m
Conditions of diving: visibility is good (10-35 meters), the best time to come to explore the site is in the summer (from May through September). Average water temperature is 25C in summer and 13C in winter.
Guides: diving centers such as Aquatica Mljet diving center
Recommended for: for all diving categories

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