Mrkanjac diving

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South of Dubrovnik, just off the coastline of the island of Cavtat lies the diving site Mrkanjac. The sea around the island of Cavtat is rich with diving sites. There are five of them – Bobara, Amforiste, Mrkan, Dolije and Mrkanjac. The island of Mrkanjac is a part of a small group of a islands together with Bobara, and Mrkan with Mrkanjac being the smallest out of the three. Although the island has what some would call a dull exterior, the sea surrounding it and what lies below it is what everyone should come to see and marvel at. The crystal-clear blue sea, the monumental wall next to the island filled with the most amazing colors of the sea world is something not to be missed while visiting Cavtat or Dubrovnik.

Croatian diving Mrkanjac via vacationsAccording to the legend, this monumental wall used to connect the islands of Bobara, Mrkan and Mrkanjac and on the dive you can still clearly see the remains of the wall, which goes to support the claim.

Diving location can be reached by a boat, which then needs to be anchored in the shallows at 15 meters. The descent follows the wall, and the divers go to the depth of 50 meters – the maximum depth of this diving site. In order to come back to the surface the divers nedd tofollow the wall and the ascent should be gradual due to the depth.

The wall of the island Mrkanjac is rich with both flora and fauna. The main reason and cause for this is the exposure to the open sea and to the strong currents coming from the Mediterranean sea. On the dive, divers can encounter a lot of different types of fish such as Common pandora, Common dentex, Muraena, Common Two-banded Seabream, Comber, Anthias anthias, Picarel and at the bottom of the wall Torpedinidae, Angler, Cnidaria and Sponges. The bottom of the sea next to the island of the Mrkanjac is one of the most colorful ones in this part of the world.
A large number of different types of flora and fauna are what makes this location one of the most special and beautiful locations in the Adriatic sea.

Access: from boat
Depth: 3 – 40 meters
Conditions of diving: visibility is good, currents are strong and the best time to come to explore the site is in the summer
Guides: diving centers such as Blue Planet and Epidarium
Recommended for: for all diving categories

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