Dubrovnik City Walls

dubrovnik city walls via vacationsThe city of Dubrovnik is perhaps the most well know Croatian city in all of the world. One of the biggest, if not the biggest reason for this is Dubrovnik City Walls, that dominate the landscape and portray an image of a city from another time period. Dubrovnik or Ragusa as it was called in the past was a city-state for much of its existence and a major influence on the whole Adriatic region of the Mediterran. The defensive walls that encircle it played a large part in that because they allowed the city to prosper behind them without allowing the city to fall under other nations control.

It is assumed that the original Dubrovnik City Walls were just wooden palisades that got upgraded to stone walls as the city grew and started to blossom into a major power in the Adriatic sea. The stone walls were built between 13th and 17th century, and their main role was to protect the city from various threats coming its way, be it by the sea in the form of Venice, or by land, where the biggest threat was the Ottoman Empire. When the city fathers started to build the walls in the 13th century, they defined what is the city center and they started building the walls around it. The initial walls were built in just a single row, but with the discovery of gunpowder and the new threat it presented the walls were expanded and strengthened during the 15th and 16th century, thus giving them the look they carry to this day.

dubrovnik city walls via vacationsDubrovnik City Walls, towers and various fortifications that were built were heavily influenced by the wars raging around the city-state of Dubrovnik (Ragusa). All of the unnecessary port exits were blocked due to the threat from Venice. New towers like the tower of Saint Ivan, or the bastion of Saint Margaret were built because of the Ottomans and they added to the already impressive look of the fortification. Today, Dubrovnik City Walls are 1940 meters long, up to 25 meters tall, 4 to 6 meters thick facing the land and 1.5 to 3 meters thick facing the sea. They have never been breached and serve as the constant reminder of the glory and unrelenting nature of the city and the people that lived in it during all those years.

dubrovnik city walls via vacationsSince 1979 the walls have been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Fans of the Game of Thrones will be happy to know that Dubrovnik plays the role of King’s Landing in the popular HBO TV series. The wall’s towers, gates, and other sights are sure to attract visitors for many years to come, so don’t be the one to miss the walls and all their magnificence.

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