Nature Park Lastovo

Nature Park Lastovo via vacationsNature Park Lastovo Archipelago is the youngest nature park in Croatia, declared in 2006. It consists of 44 small and big islands as well as cliffs and reefs. The whole surface of the park is made up of 53 km2 land and 143 km2 sea surfaces. Located on the south, in Dubrovačko-neretvanska County. The biggest island are Lastovo and Sušac, biggest villages Lastovo, Zaklopatica, Skrivena luka, Ubli and Pasadur. One of the biggest cliffs are Hljeb, Karlovića tovari, Bijelac and Crnac.

The climate of the park is Mediterranean, also known as the climate of olives with its 2700 sunny hours per year.

Nature Park Lastovo Archipelago is famous for its flora and fauna on land as well as for its rich variety of sea life. Of 703 recorded plant species, 53 are endangered. 71 species of vertebrates (141 in total) are also endangered. In the area of the park endemic and steno endemic species can be found, such as Podarcis sicula adriatica and Dalmatian wall lizard.

Nature Park Lastovo lighthouse Glavat via vacationsNature park Lastovo Archipelago is 4 hours away from land by boat. The park’s biggest attraction are definitely the lighthouses of Lastovo with the special one being Glavat which can be found on a small island east from Lastovo. On the island Sušac, the lighthouse is located on a cliff of the island that is lost on the sea. The lighthouses are used today only as a tourist attraction.

There is a lot to be seen while in the park. From small stone churches cave Rača, archaeological sites to the famous chimneys of Lastovo. Also, as a tourist offer there are tours with a boat, a tour of the park by sea, to rent a skuter, a bicycle of a motor boat and there are also two diving schools.

Nature Park Lastovo via vacationsThe nature park also offers the possibilities to explore its natural beauty. There are many bicycle routes, lookouts (Hum, Heliodrom, Sozanj, Kaštel, Pokladareva grža, Sušac).

There are a lot of hiking routes, such as route Skrivena luka (where you could find Saint Ciprijan church, 1,2 km), route Udovin up to cave Rača, 15 km, Ubil-Lastovo (the old forest route, 7 km), Lastovo-cave under point Veji, 1 km and many others.

In short, Nature Park Lastovo Archipelago offers a lot of possibilities for an active and less active vacation as well as the enjoyment of a real Mediterranean environment with a lot of products specific only for this area (fritule, krošule, kotonjat – deserts, various fruits, schnaps made of lemon, orange, carob and product made of vine and oil).

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