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Karlovac travel destination is located in central Croatia. It is a city that is known as a ”City on four rivers”. That is due to the fact that four rivers run through the city. Those four rivers are Kupa, Korana, Dobra, and Mrežnica. They shaped Karlovac through the years and are a big reason why it developed the way it did. Karlovac is also known as a crossroads of all major roads and railroads between the Croatian capital Zagreb and large coastal cities like Split and Rijeka. This allowed the city to developed over the centuries and made it an important trade and economic center.

Karlovac travel destination and the places in its vicinity will be an interesting destination for those who like active vacations. It offers a lot of activities and locations for nature lovers, ranging from rafting, hiking, cycling routes, lakes, rivers, waterfalls etc. Those who like old architecture will like Karlovac as well, due to its classic buildings and town center.

Karlovac travel destination is rather young in comparison to other major Croatian cities. It was founded in 1579 as a fort during the wars against the Ottoman Empire. The city was built in the plains where river Korana flows into river Kupa. Karlovac owes its name to the Austrian Archduke Charles the Second. It was built so that it would have all of the features of an ideal renaissance city in a shape of a hexagon, with one main city square and with streets that are connected at a 90-degree angle. It is one of the rare forts in Croatia that never fell under Ottoman command. Thanks to its impressive build the Ottomans never even tried to capture it.

From its founding until 1693 it was governed by the military, then it was given a limited amount of self-control, and in 1776 it became a free city. During the 18th and 19th century Karlovac travel destination became one of the richest cities in all of Croatia, in large thanks to the trade that was happening on the river Kupa.

During the Croatian War of Independence, Karlovac was under siege for most of the time (1991 until 1995), due to the big concentration of Jugoslav National Army that had 19 military objects in and near Karlovac.

Karlovac travel destination has a moderate continental climate. It is one of the cities with the highest amount of rainfall during the year. The average summer temperature revolves around 22 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in the winter are around 1 degree Celsius.

Attractions in Karlovac travel destination:


karlovac travel destination castle dubovac via vacationsCastle Dubovac
dates back to the 13th century. It is a renaissance style castle with some elements of gothic design. Dubovac is located on a hillside overlooking Karlovac and one of its towers is used as a viewpoint. It is one of the most preserved and beautiful examples of feudal castles in all of Croatia.
karlovac travel destination karlovac city museum via vacationsKarlovac city museum
is a cultural focal point of the city. Since 1953 it is located inside of a baroque type palace from the 17th century. The museum has six different collections. Those are archeological, historical, cultural, ethnological (collections) and a gallery.
karlovac travel destination zora dom via vacationsZorin Dom
is a city theater in Karlovac. It was built in 1892 in a neo-renaissance manner, on the initiative of the singing society Zora. Throughout its lifetime the building has had a significant impact on Karlovac’s educational and cultural growth.

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