Castle Dubovac Castle Dubovec Karlovac via vacationsCastle Dubovac is a castle located in Karlovac and as such is one of the city’s main attractions. Raising above the river Kupa, it is one of the best and most preserved monuments of feudal architecture in all of Croatia. It is first mentioned in 1339 in the historic Church scriptures, but it is believed that it has been standing there for far longer. The castle got its name from the forest that surrounds it, and later the borough of Karlovac that developed in the vicinity of the castle got the same name as well.

Castle Dubovac Castle Dubovec Karlovac via vacationsThroughout the years, various noble families called Castle Dubovac their own castle. The most notable family to own the castle were the Frankopans. Frankopans were one of the most famous noble families in Croatian history and their influence on Croatia during the vast part of its history is rivaled only by a select few families. During their reign over it, the castle went through its ‘’golden age’’. It was renovated and expanded under their command and got the appearance it still bears today. The castle has the features of a renaissance castle with gothic elements mixed in. Throughout the years it served in various roles and remodels, from a military stronghold to feudal retreat.

Castle’s floor plan is of irregular, rectangle shape. Its biggest tower is square and it is two stories higher than the other two towers. Those three towers are circular in shape and two stories tall. In between the towers, there are defensive, storage and living quarters.

Castle Dubovac Castle Dubovec Karlovac via vacationsToday it is a highly esteemed tourist destination. It achieved that status thanks to the fact that it is very well preserved. Tourists can take tours through the Castle Dubovac, climb to the viewpoint, from where they can see entire Karlovac and its region and they can view the museum exhibition that is on display in the tallest tower of the castle. The castle also features a restaurant, which offers you a rare opportunity to dine inside the city walls of a castle that has been around for centuries.

The Castle Dubovacis open for visits from the 1st of April until 30th of September. Working hours are the following:

  • Tuesday through Saturday – 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Monday and Sunday – 2 PM to 7 PM.
  • Closed on holidays.

Group visits should be booked in advance. Visits to the castle outside of the time of year it is open are possible, but only if you call in advance. The last time you can enter the castle is half an hour before the end of working hours.

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