The history of theater and artist performances in Karlovac dates back all the way to the 17th century. The first noted play was staged by the Jesuit order from Zagreb. In the coming years, the citizens of Karlovac made efforts to get a permanent building for the purposes of the theater, but they didn’t come to fruition until 1892. Then, Karlovac got Zorin Dom, a place that would transform it into one of the most culturally advanced cities in the region.

zorin dom Karlovac city theater via vacationsZorin Dom hosted various acts, from concerts, traveling theater shows and other cultural happenings. Theater owes its name to the choir Zorin Dom, which spearheaded the efforts for a construction of a theater building in Karlovac. The building was designed by the architect Gjuro Carnelutti, and it was largely funded by the donation from the citizens of Karlovac. It bears features of neo-renaissance, which is most visible in the rich and detail filled forefronts. Zorin Dom’s appearance is skillfully implemented in the existing park, making for a perfect harmony between nature and architecture.

zorin dom Karlovac city theater via vacationsEfforts to professionalize the ensemble start in 1945. By 1948 the ensemble turned professional and carried the name National Theatre Karlovac. The ensemble wasn’t performing only in Karlovac, it had a traveling component to it as well. It performed throughout Gorski Kotar, Banija, Kordun and Lika regions of Croatia. However, the professional nature of the ensemble didn’t last. In 1963 the theater ended its professional tenure due to monetary issues and loss of esteemed actors and other performers.

Today the City Theater Zorin Dom holds its own shows, hosts traveling shows, concerts, art exhibitions, and other culture-related manifestations, playing a vital role in preserving the cultural life of Karlovac and its inhabitants.

The theater’s box office is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM to noon, and from 2 PM to 8 PM.

Ticket prices differ, but they are in most cases in the range from 20 kunas (2.5€ or 3$) to 50 kunas (6.5€ or 7.5$).

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