Copacabana Osijek

Copacabana Osijek via vacationsCopacabana Osijek is a place where people of Osijek relax and get together to cool down in the hot summer months. On the left coast of the river, Drava people gather, sunbathe, and swim in the river, given that Osijek isn’t near the sea. Copacabana Osijek got its name as a reference to what is most likely the most famous beach in the world, Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana. And even though it doesn’t share much with it apart from its name, it is still a place to visit and a place where you can enjoy yourself. Along with the beach that is located on the river bank, there are closed open air swimming pools that are opened in the summer months. There are four pools there that have lifeguard service working throughout the working hours, making the pools a safe place for everyone.

Copacabana Osijek via vacationsIf you are in Osijek in the summer months and are in a need of a cool down, just go to the Copacabana Osijek and you will find what you are looking for. Along with the swimming pools, there are water slides, sports park that has 18 holes for mini golf, two bowling lanes, bocce area and chess playing venues.

Pools and accompanying venues are opened from 10 AM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday, and from 9 AM to 8 PM on Fridays and during the weekend. Children under the age of twelve must be under adult supervision in order to be able to access the object. Ticket prices range from 5 kunas (70 cents) for children to 8 kunas (around 1.1€ or 1.2$) for adults. Mini golf prices range from 15 kunas (2€ or 2.2$) up to 30 kunas (4€ or 4.5$) depending on how many clubs and golf balls you want to take with you. An hour of bowling is 20 kunas (2.5€ or 3$) and water slide rides are priced at 3 kunas (0.4€ or 0.5$).

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