Croatian Nature park Papuk

The main features of eastern Slavonija are the lowland plains. From those plains, once the bottom of the Pannonian Sea, mountain Papuk ascends. The climate and vegetation characteristics of Croatian Nature park Papuk made it a perfect home for many animal and floral species.

Croatian Nature park Papuk

The dominant species of trees in Croatian Nature park Papuk is beech. The forests cover over 96% of the area. Some time ago the park was a habitat for bears, wolfs and bobcats. Today, common animals found there are deers, wild boars, foxes and martens… Also, there are various species of birds. The Uvalja abyss presents a vital wintering habitat for bats.

Around 1300 various plants (some of them endangered and protected) grow as a part of the park.

Croatian Nature park Papuk also consists of the mountain Papuk and part of the mountain Krndija.

Croatian Nature park PapukInside the park are areas that have higher levels of protection than others.

Those areas consist of:

Jankovac (great natural beauties where „The Count’s educational track“ is build), geological monument of nature Rupnica, Sekulic mountain (150 years old forest of beech and fir), Old oaks (oak trees 420 and 500 years old and 33 meters tall), yew habitat, Pliš Mališćak-Turjak-Lapjak (floristic reservoir).

In the area of Croatian Nature park Papuk are many archaeological localities and historical and cultural monuments. From the older Iron Age, near Kaptol there are many archaeological remains that tell a story about the early settling of this area. There are also a great number of medieval fortresses dating back to 13th century. Near the town of Orahovica there is the best kept old town Ružica.

Croatian Nature park PapukInside the Croatian Nature park Papuk are many mountain tracks, 140 kilometres of bicycle tracks, Sokolina – with landscaped climbing directions, ideal for sport climbing, on the Pliš top is even the airfield for paragliding. In summer, it is possible to freshen up in thermal pools in Velika and Orahovica Lake.

Beside the Count’s educational track, in the park, there is also one more educational track in the Jankovac area where a mountain home is situated.

In other words, in Croatian Nature park Papuk, you can walk, ride a bicycle, paraglide, go free climbing or simply enjoy the nature around you.


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