Pejačević Castle

Pejačević Castle, Pejačević Castle, Pejačević Castle

Pejačević Castle is located in what was once a village Retfala. Today, Retfala is a part of the inner center of the city of Osijek. The castle was built by the Count Sigismund Pejačević. The construction was most likely finished in 1801 judging by the inscription located on its forefront. Retfala got under the control of the Pejačević family thanks to a gift from the Austrian Empress and Croatian-Hungarian Queen Maria Theresa in 1750. The estate was rather small in the beginning, but the Pejačević family greatly expanded it.

The impressive Pejacevic Castle was built in a classicism manner. It has three U-shaped wings, which are one of his most notable features. The inside of the castle is organized around the central hallway, with the rooms arranging themselves on both sides of it. The center’s most notable feature is the big hall with the accompanying vestibule located in the big pavilion.

Pejačević Castle Pejacevic Castle Osijek via vacationsThe central pavilion is raised on the first floor of the castle, while the rest of the castle along with the side wings is located at the ground level. The pavilion is divided by arcades and ionic pilasters. Originally it was covered with an attic like the rest of the building. Pejacevic Castle is surrounded by a wrought iron fence that has a large entrance gate. Despite the fact that the architect of the castle is unknown, the castle is considered to be one of the best examples of the classicism architecture in all of Croatia, and as such it represents one of Osijek’s most recognizable landmarks and is a must see architectural monument.

Pejačević Castle Pejacevic Castle Osijek via vacationsAt the Retfala cemetery – which is located near the castle – there is a chapel-mausoleum of the Pejačević family.

Today, the castle is under renovation in an effort to restore its original looks. It is under private ownership, and one of the wings is a home of the nuns from the Order of the Mary’s Sisters of the Miraculous Medal. They sold the castle at an auction to a polyclinic Medikol that made guarantees they will heavily invest into the renovation of the castle.

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