Pula travel destination

Pula travel destination, Pula travel destination

Pula travel destination is a must-visit destination when hunting for unique experiences for all your senses. Being the largest city in Istria, Croatia’s biggest peninsula, Pula offers a great variety of tourist activities and attractions for all ages. Known as the country’s melting pot, Pula is one of the most diverse cities – and this attribute dates all the way back into the antics.

Since the Roman period, the city has been the administrative center of the region, while later on it became the foremost strategic military harbor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city’s rich heritage gives Pula a unique identity, one where various historical periods meet and create a blend of interesting monuments, such as numerous forts hidden around the beautiful green areas, customs of the citizens, its openness to foreigners and its Croatian-Italian bilingualism.

It almost never rains in Pula travel destination: the mild Mediterranean climate provides the visitors pleasant weather no matter the season. In summer, the temperature does not surpass 35°C with little humidity and a constant pleasant wind coming from the West, while the temperature in winter days never drops under 10°C.

The unspoiled nature, fishing and winemaking tradition, shipbuilding and eclectic historical monuments from both Roman an Austro-Hungarian eras of the city are Pula’s trademarks. Its symbol is the Pula Arena, the world’s only Roman amphitheatre with all three orders of Roman architecture completely preserved.

Attractions in Pula travel destination:

Pula travel destinations arena

Arena Pula

Legend has it that this amphitheatre was being built by fairies during summer nights and has been left unfinished, and therefore, roofless. It is the city’s biggest trademark.

Pula travel destinations temple of Augustus

The Temple of Augustus

Located at the central Forum, this temple was dedicated to the first Roman emperor, Augustus.

Pula travel destinations golden gate

The Golden Gate

The Triumphal Arch of the Sergi, also known as The Golden Gate, is located right in the center of the city. It was build between 29 and 27 BC to honor members of the powerful Sergi family.

Pula Croatian travel destinations lighting giants

The Lighting Giants

Primarily being an industrial harbor, shipyard cranes are one of the most prominent elements of Pula’s central bay. With the world-famous lighting designer Dean Skira as the leader of the project, the cranes were recently illuminated and can now produce more than 16 thousand of different color combinations when lit up at night.

Pula Croatian travel destinations film festival

Pula Film Festival

The most famous festival in Pula and also the oldest film festival in Croatia attracts thousands of international artists and visitors each year. The awards given at the festival are called Golden Arenas and are equivalents to Oscars at the American Academy Awards.

Pula Croatian travel destinations outlok festival

Outlook Festival

This harbor for all bass culture fans takes place in Fort Punta Christo, a fortress just outside of Pula. Thousands of both Croatian and foreign young people visit this summer festival every year. In 2011, Outlook was given the title of “Best Overseas Festival” by the UK Festival Awards.

Pula Croatian travel destinations Pula superiorum

Days of Antiquity – Pula Superiorvm

This three-day festival held in July combines costumed parades, ancient Roman theatre, fashion shows inspired by the Romans, various exhibitions and simulations of Gladiator fights. It attracts audiences of all ages since its rich content is tailored to suit everyone, from toddlers to the elderly.

Pula Croatian travel destinations visualia

Visualia festival

3D mapping, light installations, interactive performances and various exhibitions is what makes this young festival unique. This collaboration between domestic and international artists takes place at night, attracts hundreds of visitors and provides a truly exquisite visual-auditory experience each and every year.

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