Baron Gautsch diving

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Croatian diving Baron Gautsch, the legendary Austro-Hungarian ship wreck is very well known above the Croatian border. It is the centre of attraction for divers in the region.

Baron Gautsch was one of the three
, at that time, new modern sister ships ordered in May 1908 and built at the Gourlay Brothers shipyard in Dundee, Scotland. Read more

Once, it was the pride of the Austro-Hungarian fleet and it sailed regularly in the coastal side between Triste and Kotor. Due to the navigation mistake it sailed directly in to the mine field setted up by Austro-Hungarian Navy and the disaster was inevitable.

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The Baron hit the mine on August 13, 1914 around 3 PM and sunk immediately along with numerous civilian casualties. Today, the location of the wreck is known accurately and dive frequently. However, there is a problem in finding it offshore and you need instruments for the exact location. The ship wreck lies on the depth of 42 meters on the sandy bottom in the upright position and it looks like still sailing….

Croatian diving Baron Gautsch will provide unique view to marine life on this artificial rock and home and habitat for great variety of sea creatures. Due to the relatively small depth, daylight still affect the marine life and you could find various corals, sea squirts and sponges, different kind of schools,, poor cod, blotched picarel, damselfish, scorpionfish, white bream, lobsters etc.

The wreck lies from 28 to 42 meters of depth and the visibility is occasionally very poor with a weak current. Most of the Istria diving centres have the approval from the Ministry of Culture for organizing a diving tours.

Croatian diving Baron Gautsch is recommended for advanced divers only.

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