Euphrasiana cycling trail

Croatian cycling Euphrasiana cycling trail via vacationsIstria is a region filled with wonderful and iconic cities, and in this tough competition, Porec is one of those cities that has a chance to claim the top spot thanks to its many attractions. The Euphrasiana cycling trail is the perfect way for the cyclists to embark on an exploratory ride across Porec and its nearby area, as it is rather light and makes for a suitable trail for all levels of expertise.

The majority of Euphrasiana cycling trail runs over asphalt surface – 42 kilometers – and the rest – 5 kilometers – runs over macadam surface. There are no steep climbs on the trail, as the cyclists slowly and gradually ascend from the trails low-point at 1 meter above sea level, towards its high-point at 205 meters above sea level, which they will reach on the 35th kilometer of the trail. After that, the trail descends towards Porec and towards sea level. The elevation covered during the trail is 415 meters and the average finishing time is expected to be between two and two and a half hours.

The Euphrasiana cycling trail starts out in the city of Porec and goes through Mugeba, Fuskulin, Montizana, Gradina, Lovrec, Zbandaj, Prsurici, Bacva and Zikovici before returning to the start in Porec.

Croatian cycling Euphrasiana cycling trail via vacationsPorec is a charming little city that has loads to offer in every sense. Euphrasiana cycling trail got its name after the most recognizable landmark in Porec, the monumental three-nave cathedral, the most striking example of early-byzantine architecture and art, which dates back all the way to the 6th century and is featured in the UNESCO’s list of protected cultural heritage since 1997. As much as its exterior is striking, its interior doesn’t fall back behind it by much if at all, in terms of beauty. You are free to take a stroll through it and marvel at the statues and mosaics, the most notable one being the statue of the Cathedral’s namesake, the bishop Saint Maurus of Parentium who holds the replica of the cathedral in his hands. You can also climb to the top of the tower and enjoy a bird’s view of the city from it. In addition to the Cathedral there are visible traces of civilization’s past across the city, so keep your eyes open that you don’t miss anything.

Continuing down the Euphrasiana cycling trail you will slowly leave the urban streets of Porec and reach a pine forest which hides two natural gems, the Blue and Green Lagoons, an oasis of crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches and all that goes along with it. Further down the road, you will come to a town which stands strong since the 9th century and is called Lovrec. Lovrec is the home of the parish church of Saint Martin, a church which dates back all the way to 11th century and is filled with beautiful frescoes and statues – most notably the statue of Madonna which is a perfect example of a 14th-century gothic art – and organs which date back to the mid-18th century.

When you finally move on from all the enchanting beauty in Lovrec you will find yourself going through many charming villages and places which will make you think about stopping and extending your journey just a little bit so you can soak up the experience in all its glory, before you slowly but surely reach the starting point in beautiful Porec.

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