Golden Gate Pula

Golden Gate Pula, Golden Gate Pula Golden Gate Pula

Golden Gate Pula Golden Gate Arch of Sergii via vacationsGolden Gate is the arch built in honor of victory in the battle of Actium. The Sergii family was a wealthy family of nobles that was heavily involved in the life of Pula (at the time Roman Pola). One of the members of the family, Lucius Sergius Lepidus was a tribune that served in the Roman army as a part of the twenty-ninth legion of the Roman Empire. The legion was involved in the famous battle of Actium, the final act of the War of the Roman Republic that saw Octavian – later named Augustus – win over Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. The Golden Gate of Pula or the Sergii arch was built in honor of that victory and in the honor of Lucius and his two brothers.

The arch was built sometime from 29 and 27 BC. The names of Lucius, Gaius Sergius and their sister Salvia Postuma Sergius were written down in the arch. Salvia was the one who paid for the construction of the arch. The arch was built in a Hellenistic manner, which was the predominant style of construction at the time. The relief on the arch depicts a war chariot being pulled by the horses. The arch itself was constructed next to the city gates, and this is why it is often referred to as the Golden Gate.

Golden Gate Pula Golden Gate Arch of Sergii via vacationsThe frame of the arch consists of two massive pilasters, which were built out of big stone blocks, that are widened at the bottom of the construction. They make for the foundation of the arch, upon which the arch is located. The opening of the arch is rounded up by a ceiling that consists out of wedge sculpted stone blocks. Everything is tied into one by the architrave and the frieze. Above the frieze, there is a wreath and the statues of the three Sergii family members in whose honor the monument was built. The whole arch is filled with delicate carvings of various motives.

Through the years, the arch inspired many famous artists and their work, most notably Michelangelo Buonarotti, one of the most famous artists of all time, who made a drawing of it that is kept in the Wicar museum of the French town Lille. Let the arch inspire you as well and come see it in Pula, you won’t regret it!

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