Exploring beautiful peninsula Istria and not paying a visit to a little town of Hum would be a great omission. Most intriguing congruity garnishes Hum – a legend transmuted into a fact.

Hum Croatian travel destination via vacationsLocal legend states: In ancient times gigants lived in valley of river Mirna. They build towns on top of hills of Istria (Roč, Motovun, Sovinjak, Završje, Grožnjan and Vrh), and after running out of huge stones, out of small stoned blocks, they were left with, they resolved to build smallest town in the world. As it always goes, the truth isn’t so picturesque, neither romantic. In fact, during 70’s local county , in effort to replenish the village, decided to selfproclame it with the title. Although, technical untrue, Hum became the „smallest town in the world“, and most definitely an extraordinary place to visit.

It is located in the centre of Istira in the county of Buzet, in close proximity to town Roč, with which Hum has joint history and culture. Along wit their historical link, they are connected by a 7km long Glagolitic Alley – a path decorated with huge monuments to first croatic writing script. Inhibited by only around 20 people, Hum is not just a town, it can be considered as an medieval monument. It’s first documented mentioning dates back to 1102. year. Encompassed by a stone wall, there are only three rows of houses connected by two narrow cobblestone streets. Standing out, rises a bell tower and through its base is an enterance into the town.

Hum Croatian travel destination via vacationsCity doors were build in 1562. Parish church of the Assumption of a Blessed Virgin Mary stands in the main square of the town, as a main gathering place of towns social life along with the city loge. In the city loge stands a stoned table with glaglolitic scripture engraving, where the city council had it’s sessions when making decisions regarding life in town.

In a little Romanic chapel of St. Jerolim, on Hum’s cemetery, a bit outside of town, there are well preserved frescoes, as a historical reminder of that time and are unique work of art.

Today, despite of constant historical attempts of its destruction stands renewed, and replenishes life of a rich local culture. Relaxed, always smiling and heartwarming people will welcome you to their little gift shops, with items not selled anywhere else. In the only restaurant in the town you can have a taste of local gastronomy, with inevitable Biska – a mistletoe brandy (grapa) which is characteristic for Hum only, because it is made by a old recipe of Hum’s bishop, and herbalist Josip Vidal.

There is also day of Hum, yearly manifestation during which a new mayor is elected by an old town tradition.
With all mentioned, you will be additionally astonished by breathtaking and serene natural scenery surrounding this tiny fable town.

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