Lighting Giants

Uljanik is a small island located in the vicinity of Pula, and it is a home of a shipyard that carries the same name. The Uljanik shipyard is one of the oldest working shipyards in the world dating back to 1853. The Lighting Giants are a one of a kind art installation in which the cranes of the shipyard have been transformed into giant art installations. Cranes have been turned into art based on the idea of the famous lighting designer Dean Skira, who envisioned the cranes being covered in light emitting objects so that they could look like moving giants in the night sky. This was the first time that anyone in the world installed an installation like this on working cranes.

Lighting Giants Pula shipyard Uljanik via vacationsThe art installation Lighting Giants consists of eight cranes which are all over 100 meters tall, and from 46 reflectors, with each of them weighing at least 40 kilograms (over 80  lbs). Each of the reflectors has 64 independent pixels, meaning that each can be triggered separately and the LEDs can produce a specter of more than 16 thousand different colors. The lights are controlled remotely by a computer, allowing the operator to play with the colors according to the occasion. On many occasions, the lights are arranged so that they pay a tribute to someone or something, for instance on national holidays the installation carries the colors of the Croatian flag, and when one of the national teams play it carries their team colors, most notably the checkered red and white squares.

The installation was put in production on 4th of May 2014, right before the Day of Pula, and after being delayed for a day because of bad weather. That marked the final realization of the project that has been in the works since 2000 but got delayed for various reasons.

The Lighting Giants are certainly one of the symbols of Pula, despite being a rather new addition to the already rich offering of events and sights to see in the city. They offer an impressive sight with the background of the night and should definitely be on your bucket list of things to see if you decide to come and see Pula.

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