Medulin Riviera cycling track

Medulin Riviera cycling track around the city of Medulin Istria doesn’t fall under the easier routs you can undertake in Istria, but it’s not a difficult one as well. An experienced cyclist will consider it an intermediate route due to the fact that it mostly runs over rougher terrain, but it doesn’t have any steep climbs in it that would make it tough on less experienced cyclists.

Medulin Riviera cycling track covers the distance of 52 kilometers, with over 41 kilometers of it falling on macadam roads and trails and 10 being driven on asphalt. The track starts in Medulin and goes through Pomer, Banjole, Vinkuran, Vinitijan, Pjescana Uvala, and Premantura before the cyclists return to the starting point in Medulin.

The track doesn’t feature any steep climbs, as it is rather even in terms of height above sea level, but it is filled with smaller climbs, which means that the cyclists will cover 504 meters in elevation during the ride on the track. The highest point on the track is located at only 62 meters above sea level, and the lower point is almost at sea level, located only a meter above it. The average time for completion of the Medulin Riviera cycling track is somewhere between four and four and a half hours.

What makes this track attractive are various locations that feature all kinds of interesting sights and places you need to see. Medulin itself is a tourist haven filled with great restaurants, hotels, recreational activities and cultural sights. The parish church of Saint Agness is the first landmark that might come to mind to those familiar with Medulin. It is a 19th-century church that is often the place that hosts various classical music concerts and as such an attractive site for those who are lovers of good music.

The Vizula peninsula is the home of the remains of a summer house that dates back all the way to the time Romans were inhabitants of what are now the outskirts of the modern day Medulin. Roman influence and architecture can also be seen while passing through Pomer, as Pomer is a home of excavated remains of ancient Roman villas and spas. This is not all Pomer has to offer, given the fact that it is home to one of the best fish farms in Istria and wider and it is a place where you can find some of the best fish restaurants on the Adriatic. Along with the beautiful sandy beaches, this area has a lot to offer, but the belle of the ball is located a bit more south.

Croatian cycling Medulin Riviera cycling track via vacationsThe southernmost part of Istria hides a diamond in the rough, a peninsula called Kamenjak, which features Premantura, the southernmost town in Istria, and Cape Kamenjak, the southernmost part of Istria. The Kamenjak peninsula is narrow and long, being only 1.5 kilometers wide and almost 10 kilometers long. Despite these rather modest measurements, it is a home to a vast floral life, as it features over 500 species of plants, most notably orchids. 22 species of orchids call the peninsula their home, with the most notable one being the Istrian orchid and endemic species that can be found only here. Along with orchids, the peninsula is covered with what is mostly shrubbery and a small pine forest. The Cape is the home of a lighthouse Porer which was raised in 1846 and still adds charm to the surroundings. The most interesting part of the experience might force you to leave your bike for a little while, as the nearby island of Fenoliga – which is a short boat ride away – features footprints made by dinosaurs which survived millions and millions of years. If all of that hasn’t sold you on this trail, the crystal-clear sea that you will see throughout the trail surely will.

If you’re the person that likes either the sea, dinosaurs, music, plants and flowers, ancient Romans and their building, beautiful beaches, or all of that combined in a single irresistible package Medulin and its Riviera is the place you need to be. So don’t lose time, come, see, and experience one of the most beautiful cycling track in the whole Adriatic – Medulin Riviera cycling track yourself!

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