Momjan cycling trail

The region of Momjan is an attractive region located inside the county of Istria, a region filled with wine roads and picturesque medieval towns, making it a perfect destination for cyclists. The Momjan cycling trail is of medium difficulty and as such will be a bit tougher on the less experienced cyclists, but also a perfect relaxing ride for the more experienced ones. The entire trail runs only on asphalt, meaning it is better you ride a road bike, rather than a mountain one. The trail starts off in the town of Buje and during its course, the cyclists will go through Buje, Volopija, Kremenje, Crnci, Marusici, Momjan, Groznjan, and Krasica, before returning to the starting point in Buje.

Croatian cycling Momjan cycling trail via vacations 1Momjan cycling trail is 38.8 kilometers long, its lowest point is located at 79 meters above sea level and its highest is at 322 meters above sea level. The trail features one steady climb between the 7th and 20th kilometer of the trail, where the cyclists will need to gain around 270 meters in altitude. During the trail, the cyclists will cover a little over 460 meters in elevation. The average finishing time from the trail is between four and four and a half hours for a medium level cyclist. Due to the fact that some of the trails take part on a main road in the region, the cyclists need to be extra careful on how they behave and act when on the road.

Croatian cycling Momjan cycling trail via vacationsEven though the first part of the Momjan cycling trail shouldn’t be an afterthought, the second part of it is the main attraction. The foothills of the Momjan are what people come here for, the Ardile stream along with its waterfall and neighboring vineyards and the castle at Momjan are the stars of the show. The whole area is a hub for agro-tourism and as such offers a vast variety of delicious treats for both foodies and lovers of good wine. If you are a lover of excellent sweet wine look no further than the Kabola wine cellars, which are the home of the famous Muscats, but if that’s not your cup of “tea” you can enjoy other sorts of wine in other cellars located in the area. Foodies will be well served if they frequent some of the restaurants located in the area, such as taverns Rino, Stari Podrum – in Momjan -, Furia – in Smilovici -, or Pjero in Kremenj, where you can try various dishes filled with delicious treats such as truffles, wild game, asparagus and various other region-specific goods. In addition to all of that, the view of the surrounding areas from Momjan is a sight to behold as well.

Last but not least, there is Groznjan, the fittingly named “Artist’s city” which is filled with art galleries and ateliers which beg to be visited in order to enjoy the fine arts, while also being a hub for foodies and wine lovers alike with the Zigante wine-bar being the focal point of it all with its customary wine and food tasting offering.

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