Neapolis to Novigrad cycling trail

The Neapolis to Novigrad cycling trail is a light trail aimed at those who like culture, active tourism, exploration and an insight into the colorful lives of citizens of Istria. The trail is 31.7 kilometers long and it only runs on asphalt, with no parts of it being located on a macadam surface. The trail starts off in Novigrad and runs through Buzanija, Brtonigla, Buroli, Juricani, Sverki, Lovrecica, Karigador and Dajla before coming full circle in Novigrad where we left off.

Croatian cycling Neapolis to Novigrad cycling trail via vacationsThe Neapolis to Novigrad cycling trail is rather light with the most demanding part of the trail being located at the very start, as the cyclists will be asked to gain around 70 meters in altitude between the 1st and 5th kilometer of the trail. After that, the trail is rather level in terms of altitude, before it descends between the 17th and 21st kilometer. The lowest point on the trail is 1 meter above sea level, and the highest is at 100 meters above sea level. The elevation the cyclists will be asked to cover during their ride on the trail is around 150 meters. The average finishing tie is between two and a half and three hours.

The very start of Neapolis to Novigrad cycling trail offers quite a bit in terms of cultural landmarks and venues that are a window into times past. Novigrad is located on the very coast of the northern Adriatic Sea and it is a city of rich cultural heritage. The focal point of it all is located in the Lapidarium museum, whose primary purpose is to present stone monuments from the Novigrad area. In addition to that, the museum is home to documents, drawings, graphics and photos from the Novigrad region dating back to the 19th and 20th century, and to antic and medieval stone monuments. Near the Lapidarium, there is the Rigo, a small gallery whose fame well surpass its size. Rigo is the home of paintings, sculptures and photographs from Croatia and abroad which date to the 10th and 21st century. The Agata gallery is another place where you can enjoy fine art in Novigrad. The church of Saint Anton, a gothic church which can thank its current looks to the rebuild from the 17th and the latest facelift from the 19th century is another landmark which is worth a look for lovers of architecture.

Right down the road from Novigrad, there is the lusciously green Brtonigla, a home of many vineyards, vine roads, vine cellars and agro-tourism. The scenery there looks like you went back in time, with the untouched greenery everywhere around you and the sight blending in perfectly with everything else the region has to offer in terms of food and drinks. Another landmark of Brtonigla is the cave Mramornica, a true jewel of Istria’s underground, and one of the biggest caves in Istria which is filled with impressive stalagmites and stalactites. Continuing down the road you will pass multiple vineyards, olive groves, and orchards, passing through beautiful Istrian villages and towns, before returning to Novigrad, where you can reward yourself with a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants Novigrad has to offer.

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