Outlook festival Pula

Outlook festival Pula, Outlook festival Pula, Outlook festival Pula

Outlook Festival Pula via vacationsOutlook festival started out as a small festival in 2008. The beginning was modest and few envisioned it to become as famous as it did, and even fewer thought it would become one of the leading bass music festivals in the entire world. The festival grew with each passing year, but it remained the same people oriented festival it was at its beginnings when only a few hundred people knew about it. Familiarity and camaraderie are one of the main features of the festival that sees many of its headliners return to it year after year thanks to the atmosphere it provides.

Both legends and young talents are brought together at Outlook festival in a celebration of the music culture that surrounds dubstep, jungle, hip-hop, garage, drum and bass and many other various musical genres of sound-system music. The festival lasts for four days, sprawled across various locations, most notably the antic Arena in Pula that kicks off the entire show on September 6th and the Punta Christo fort. Dizzee Rascal will open the show in 2017 as the headliner of the first night of the festival. While he is the main attraction of the festival there will be many other artists that make for amazing attractions such as Goldie, Dawn Penn, Wing Ting, Giggs, DJ Shadow and countless others that will do their best to create a great atmosphere for everyone lucky enough to be there.

Outlook Festival Pula via vacationsThere are many amazing venues at the Punta Christa fort, and the organizers made an amazing effort of setting up various parts of the abandoned fort as unique stages. Noah’s Ballroom is a circular pit that offers a unique way to take in the music, the Moat is another impressive venue that allows the DJ to take advantage of the booming sounds that reflect off the walls that are rising above the crowd. In addition to those two, there are more waiting for you to discover them.

In addition to Arena and the fort, the festival also takes part on the beaches and like in few other places it even hits the see, as visitor fill the party boats that take them for a ride out in the open sea, making for an amazing experience.

The tickets for the festival are priced at around 240 kunas, which is around 32€ or 35$.

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