Pula Superiorvm

Days of Antiquity Pula Superiorvm via vacationsDays of Antiquity or otherwise known as Pula Superiorvm is a festival that encapsulates both education and entertainment. It takes place in Pula during either May or June, and its first edition was back in 2002. The city streets and squares of Pula travel back in time to the antic times and come back to life as though the city is back in its antic glory days. The Portarata square, Forum (the main city square) and the ancient Arena are the sights of the Superiorvm and they play the role of a perfect environment or such an event.

The visitors get a chance to immerse themselves in the days of old, through various activities that are organized throughout the city. Pula Superiorvm activities include various types of exhibitions, concerts, stage performances adjusted to the time period, culinary stands, souvenirs stands, educational workshops aimed both at kids and adults. Everything is adjusted to the antic time period, so all of the activities are modeled the same they were in the Roman days. Gladiator fights and antic football are played in the Arena, famous chefs from Pula are recreating well know Roman recipes, allowing the foodies to taste the past. Roman Emperors are walking through the city, legionaries are at every corner, ladies dressed in Roman garments are talking with one another as you’re walking by, making it seems as if you really are back in time.

Days of Antiquity Pula Superiorvm via vacationsAll of this is being done so that the modern people can see how it was to live in the antic times and under the Roman rule, to see the ways of the citizens of the Roman Empire while in a city that is filled with buildings and constructions that date back to that time.

If you has a chance to be in Pula during the Pula Superiorvm or Days of Antiquity be sure to take part in it, because it is an experience you will remember for life, and there are few, if any places that can provide such an experience as Pula can during these days.

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