Savudrija cycling trail

Located in the western-most part of Istria and Croatia is Savudrija, a small town which is the focal point of the Savudrija cycling trail. The Savudrija trail is a short and light trail, aimed at recreational cyclists, and can serve as a proverbial gateway into more demanding trails. The 25 kilometers long trail is mostly driven on an asphalt surface – 15.8 kilometers – with the rest – 8.5 kilometers – being on a light macadam trail. The trail starts in Gamboc cove, and from there goes through Savudrija, Crveni Vrh, Kanegra, Katoro, and Zambratija before returning back to the Gamboc Cove.

Savudrija cycling trail is light without any steep climbs on it. The lowest point on the trail is located at 1 meter above sea level, and the highest is located at 80 meters above sea level. The cyclists will need to gain 130 meters in elevation during the trail. The average time of completion runs from 45 minutes for more experienced cyclists to an hour and a half for less experienced ones.

Apart from its claim to fame as the western-most town in Croatia, Savudrija has more to offer. The trail will first lead you towards the port, which in the Roman days served as one of the major ports in the northern Adriatic, and as such played a major role in these parts of the world. On Savudrija cycling trail you can find submerged remains of old Roman building at relatively low depths if that is interesting to you. The other notable landmark in Savudrija is the lighthouse, which is also known as the western-most building in Croatia, which also serves as a hotel. Just imagine the views from it as the sun sets below the horizon – they are truly breathtaking.

Croatian cycling Savudrija cycling trail via vacationsA bit further down the road, there is the Sveti Petar viewpoint, a place from where you can see the entire Piran Bay and soak up all its beautiful scenery. Continuing down the trail you will come across a diverse offering of the best wines, – wine cellar Degrassi in Basanija, one of the most famous Croatian winemakers – olive oils, – the extra virgin olive oil refinery “Pavlovic”, where you can taste some of the best olive oil in the world – Istrian prosciutto or various other delights that will make any foodie fall in love with the Savudrijan region. In addition to that, you can exchange you bicycle’s seat for a horse saddle if you decide to visit the horse center in Juricanija or relax over a round of golf in Crveni Vrh.

Whatever comes to your mind, Savudrija and its neighboring towns and villages might just be the place for you if you want to combine a nice, light bicycle ride with other joys of life!


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