St Pelagius cycling track

St Pelagius cycling track is one of the more popular track among the cyclists that visit Novigrad. It is attractive because of the sights it offers and the general low grade of difficulty throughout the track, making it a perfect for families in search of a light and interesting ride. The track runs over the course of a little bit more than 34 kilometers and the driving distance on both asphalt and macadam is proportionally divided as both take up approximately a little over 17 kilometers each. The fact that St Pelagius cycling track goes over macadam makes it a requirement to ride a mountain bike, rather than a road one. The track starts in Novigrad and goes through the Antenal, Nova Vas, Druskovici, Turini, Marincici, Fiorini Mareda and it ends back at the starting point in Novigrad.

Croatian cycling St Pelagius cycling track via vacationsAs mentioned before St Pelagius cycling track is rather soft and does not ask much from the cyclists, with possibly the only strenuous point in the track being the climb between the 9th and 11th kilometer of the track – while riding over the macadam portion, where the cyclists will need to gain more than a hundred meters in elevation in the distance of two kilometers. The high-point of the track is located 141 meters above sea-level and the total change in elevation across the trail is 240 meters. The expected time of completion for the track ranges from 2:30 to 3:30 hours, depending on the experience and the proficiency of the cyclists.

Croatian cycling St Pelagius cycling track via vacationsHowever, the cyclists who undertake St Pelagius cycling track should be in no rush to complete it as quickly as possible, as it pays to stop once in a while to take in all the track has to offer. The city of Novigrad is a historically rich area and prides itself on being around in some form since the late 6th century when it was first mentioned. Thanks to that, the streets of Novigrad are still full of captivating medieval architecture that adds to the appeal of the track. The municipal loggia is definitely one of the landmarks you need to see, as it offers the visitors a chance to look at the beautiful sights and facades of the houses of Novigrad which were built in Gothic style. The highlight of the trail is definitely the Church of St. Mary, Maximillian, and Pelagius – hence the name of the track – whose current look is that of a baroque Church thanks to its facelift in the 18th century, but it dates way back, evidenced by the archeological researches which unearthed quite a few artifacts that date to the Roman period.

Other notable landmarks on St Pelagius cycling track include the lapidary of Novigrad, the picturesque villages of Antenal, St. Dionysius, Serbani and Karigador. You can be sure that you will be able to find something that will appeal to your taste buds, be it in form of a great wine(s) or food, so don’t waste your time and start cycling on what might be the perfect track to start your cycling tour of the beautiful county of Istria!

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