Starry cycling trail

If you are ever in the mood for a drive over charming green hills of Istria look no further than the Starry cycling trail located in the Visnjan area. There you can enjoy the combination of picturesque sights, food, delicious wine, and cycling. The trail is 24.5 kilometers long and it runs over both asphalt and macadam surface, 16.7 kilometers of it are located on asphalt and 7.8 kilometers are on macadam. The trail starts in Visnjan and goes through Markovac, Baskoti, Jadruhi, Barici, Cerion, Rapavel, Radovani and Bacva before returning to Visnjan.

Croatian cycling Starry cycling track via vacationsStarry cycling trail is light and suitable for all categories of cyclists. There are no steep climbs on the trail, and the most challenging part of the trail is located just after the start as the cyclists will be asked to gain over a hundred meters in altitude between the 2nd and 9th kilometer of the trail. The highest point on the trail is located 331 meters above sea level, and the lowest is located at 190 meters above sea level. The elevation the cyclists will be asked to cover during the trail is around 300 meters. The average completion time for the trail is between an hour and fifteen minutes ad an hour and a half.

The name of the Starry cycling trail originates from the Visnjan observatory, one of the most prominent observatories in the world, thanks to the sheer amount of discoveries it made over the years. More than 1400 of various space objects were discovered with the observatory’s telescope, and as such, the observatory is a valuable site to check out.

In addition to the main attraction that is the observatory, in Visnjan you can also see the neo-classical church of Saint Kvirik and Juliette – which dates back to the 19th century, and features two stunning altars in its interior and an imposing bell tower on the exterior – and the medieval church of Saint Anthony – which dates back to the 1550 and features the remains of the frescoes made by Dominic of Udine.

Continuing down the road, you will pass through picturesque little villages and small towns filled with wonderful landscapes, and agro-tourist households which offer both delicious food and drinks. The final stages of the trail will lead you through the small village of Bacva – which is aptly named given that its name translates to a barrel in English -, which is famous for its good wine(s). The village is also the home of a 12th-century church of Saint Jacob and the 14th-century church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Leaving Bacva you will slowly make your way to the point of the trail’s origin in Visnjan, rounding up what is a light ride over the green hills of Istria’s Visnjan region.

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