Submerged ancient ports trail

The Submerged ancient ports trail across the Umag’s Riviera and the inland area of Umag is a trail aimed towards less experienced cyclists who are interested in a light ride filled with interesting sights along the way. The majority of the trail – a little bit less than 27.5 kilometers – is ridden over an asphalt surface, and more than 9 kilometers is located on the macadam surface.

Croatian cycling Submerged ancient ports trail via vacationsAs mentioned before, the Submerged ancient ports trail is 36.5 kilometers long and it runs through Katoro, Vilanija, Juricani, Radini, Park Umag, and Umag before it returns to the starting point in Katoro. There are no steep climbs on the route. The cyclists will gradually raise in altitude between the start of the trail and its 9th kilometers, climbing from 10 meters above sea level to just above 100 meters above sea level. After the 9th kilometer, they will gradually descend in altitude the closer they are to the finish point of the trail. The lowest point on the trail is 1 meter above sea level and the highest is 103 meters above sea level, and the cyclist will need to cover about 160 meters of elevation during the course of the trail. The average run time on the trail is between two and a half and three hours.

Cyclist on this route will have something to see right at the very start of the trail, as Kotaro is a place filled with rich offerings aimed at the tourists, ranging from high-end hotels, restaurants, sporting fields, beautiful beaches – gravel, rocky or cement, whichever you prefer – and other attractions that are sure to satisfy most who visit it. Continuing down the trail you will reach the less urban Umag’s hinterland, which offers views of Olive groves, vineyards, and fields, along with the chance to stop at one of the many rural households which offer their olive oil, wine and various other goods for tasting.

Croatian cycling Submerged ancient ports trail via vacationsPassing through the hinterland, you will slowly make your way back to the seaside and Umag’s Riviera, which starts with Park Umag – a camp – and runs through Lovrecica, Finida, Sveti Ivan right into the very heart of Umag.

Umag in itself is a gem of the Croatian coast, as it is filled with both architectural and cultural wonders in the city itself and in its near vicinity, and also because of its natural beauty that offers beautiful forests, picturesque vineyards, striking coves and sunny beaches which are joined in perfect harmony with a crystal clear sea.

The landmarks that stand out in the rich offering are the medieval city walls and towers, – the most notable of them being the 14th century, three stories tall Bishop’s Tower, which is the home of Umag’s city museum – gothic and renaissance houses and palaces, and the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which dates back to the 18th century and is the most striking building in Umag.

The added bonus of Submerged ancient ports trail are the mementos from the Roman times. The area around Kotaro is filled with antic villas which were once located in the antic Roman ports and were slowly taken by the sea inch by inch across thousands of years. Thanks to that this region is rich with archeological artifacts such as pottery and jewelry.

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