Church of Saint Jerome in Rijeka

Church of Saint Jerome in Rijeka, Church of Saint Jerome in Rijeka, Church of Saint Jerome in Rijeka

Church of Saint Jerome in RijekaThe Church of Saint Jerome is located at the Square of Rijeka’s resolution in the city of Rijeka. Its impressive late-baroque forefront perfectly completes the left wing of the Municipal palace, with which it formed an Augustine monastery in the past. The monastery and the Church of Saint Jerome are a mausoleum in addition to its original function. In the cloisters of the two building, there is tombstone dating back centuries.

The construction of the Augustine monastery was started from a fund of the feudal master of Rijeka, counts Devinski. The construction started back in 1315, during the time Ugon the 2nd presided, and the construction finished in 1408, during the time his grandson Ugon the 4th was the governor of Rijeka. Afterward, the Walsee family took over the possession of the monastery and the church. Both feudal dynasties used the church and the monastery as their burial grounds and family mausoleum.

Church of Saint Jerome in Rijeka via vacationsThe monastery was a part of the Czech-Bavarian charter of the Augustine order, and the monks were the ones that had the most control over it despite the monastery and the church being under the control of feudal families. Their control over it ended in 1788 when the order was disbanded. Among the monks, there were many who stood out among others for their contributions as bishops, scientists, cartographers, diplomats, storytellers and many others.

The church was built in 1363, and during the years it saw many reconstructions. It was heavily damaged in the catastrophic earthquake that struck Rijeka in 1750. After that, it was reconstructed in a baroque manner and extended towards the square. What was left of the gothic elements of the church were the buttresses and windows with a pointed arch located on the southern side of the church.

The oldest part of the church are the tombs of the Augustine monks and the tombs of the Devinski family. People were buried in those tombs until the Emperor Joseph the 2nd didn’t forbid burials in churches.

The Church of Saint Jerome is one of the most notable examples of baroque architecture in the region, so be sure to visit it if you are traveling through the Kvarner region of Croatia.

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