Mali Cutin diving

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Croatian Mali Cutin diving via vacationsVeli and Mali Cutin are two rather small islands which are located near the eastern shores of the island of Cres. These two islands are well protected from natural elements due to location and both divers and researchers find them beautiful and interesting to explore. Mali Cutin is especially renowned for its diversity of flora and fauna, located both above and below the sea level. The island features a plateau – 8 meters wide -, a wall and a canyon.

Islands can be accessed by boat, with the most popular starting location being the nearby island of Cres. To dive and explore the sea of Mali Cutin you first need to go to the northern side of the island. The dive will start at a plateau at a depth of 5 meters. At the plateau, you can find shrimp, octopi, sea urchins, lush anemones, and shoals of damselfish. Moving from the plateau, you will find a canyon that goes from 7 to 26 meters in Croatian Mali Cutin diving via vacationsdepth, with 2 sharp clefts on either side. If you are lucky you will get a chance to meet Diplodus Vulgaris, a species of Seabream (Common two-banded seabreams) belonging to the family Sparidae, Tuna, and Big Groupers. The canyon is 12 meters wide at the bottom and getting closer to the surface it is 4 meters wide. Exiting the canyon the dive continues to the east side of the island along with the wall where you will go from 20 meters of depth to 40 meters. Red gorgonians appear at 28 m, followed by yellow gorgonians beyond 38 m. Ascent is along the left side of the wall, through the canyon, to the plateau. Most of the divers compare this location with the most beautiful diving locations on the south of the Adriatic sea which is known for its beauty and rich flora and fauna.

Access: From boat

Depth: up to 50 meters

Diving conditions: almost always ideal; visibility is excellent – average 10 meters, maximum 30 meters. Diving is possible all year round. The conditions are best from May to September. The average sea temperature throughout the year is from 12-24 C.

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Recommended for: all diving categories

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