Nature park Učka

Nature Park Učka via vacationsNature park Učka is located near town Rijeka and consists of an area 160 square kilometres area. Učka, considering it is near the sea, has a specific climate that favours the rich vegetation which can be found to the very tips of the mountain.

The rocks that make up Učka are old as 30 milion years. Many fossils that can be found there is proof of that. The area of the nature park is rich with serological objects, around 200 of them. In the underground of Učka some endemic species of underground fauna can be found. There are also many archaeological and historical sites found in many holes and caves of the park.

Nature Park Učka via vacationsThere is a large biodiversity present in the park. A couple of altitudes of forest vegetation can be found. In lower regions are Oak forests and Hornbeam forests while most of the area is occupied by Chestnut forests. In Chestnut forest we find a variety of hole-nesting birds, squirrels and dormouse. A lot of park’s area is covered with Black hornbeam forests and Beech forests. Beech forests are home to many mammals: Woodland vole, Warthog, Deer and many others. At the very top of the ridge a subalpine forests of beech has grown and is special because of its feebler trees. Rocks of the top part of Učka are interesting because they are covered by vegetation of mountain and submediterranean plant species. The endemic Croatian bellflower also grows there.

On meadows of the Nature park Učka exists a variety of rare and protected plant species (Fire lily, Carniolan lily, different orchids and many other).
In the area of Učka there are many springs and streams. These moist habitats are important for the diversity of insects and amphibians (biplanes, caddisflies, dragonflies…). Fire salamander can also be found in this area.

Nature Park Učka via vacationsSince old times, Učka was used as a link between Istra and continental Croatia and because of that it is filled with many roads and paths.
Massif of mountain Učka presents a natural barrier between mild continental climate of internal Istra, and Mediterranean climate of Kvarner bay. In these areas three different types of weather exchange: during colder time of the year we have two types of weather, when the south wind blows followed by rain or when north wind blows with low temperatures without rain. During summer temperature in the park are relatively high with very little of rain.

In Nature park Učka the following attractions need to be visited:
Vojak – a rocky ridge of the highest point on Učka where a viewpoint is situated and from which you can see Istra, mountains of Gorski kotar, Velebit, Italy and Austria.
Vela draga – a canyon on which a viewpoint and a resting house was built. The remains of the medieval castle Kožljak is located there (Zagrad-Kožljak)
Moščenićke Drage – a valley with covered terraces special by its rich flora and fauna and by historical heritage
Bajk point – in its foothill is a spring that overflows its banks in the trough

In Nature park Učka you can do all sorts of recreational sports (of course, only if you don’t endanger its natural features). You can go hiking, mountain climbing (Vela Draga climbing), speleology, free flying, adventure races (different activities that are made of different disciplines, hiking climbing bicycling…).

In Nature park Učka it is forbidden to drive off-road, outside of public roads, throw trash, light a fire, camp, bring in foreign species, that is, destroy natural and human values.

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