Šibenik travel destination is known as one of the oldest cities in Croatia and is currently the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the Šibenik-Knin county in Dalmatia. The most prominent attributes of the city are its landscape diversity, antiquity and mediterranean climate. Two out of eight Croatian national parks can be found in the city’s vicinity: Krka Lakes and the Kornati Archipelago, as well as a smaller part of the Vran Lake nature park whose bigger part is situated in the Zadar county.

The city attracts thousands of international tourists each year. Although a lot of work has recently been invested in development of various types of niche tourism, sun-and-sea tourism is still the main reason people travel long distances in order to visit Šibenik travel destination. It shouldn’t be surprising: almost 806 kilometres of beautiful coast along with astonishing islands of Zlarin, Prvić and Krapanj really are the perfect platform for enjoying sunbathing and other sea activities with your family. Smaller cities of Vodice, Primošten and Rogoznica are smaller cities just a few kilometres away from the Šibenik and attract younger tourists for their great clubbing scenes. Solaris is the name of the most popular hotel resort in Šibenik.

Just like other coastal cities in Croatia, the climate in Šibenik is mediterranean: the city gets over 2700 hours of sunshine per year, and the cool wind makes summer temperatures enjoyable.

Some of the most famous Croats were born in Šibenik, including the late basketball star Dražen Petrović, the inventor of the parachute Faust Vrančić, and Maksim Mrvica, a globally known pianist. Find some of the most popular attractions below.

Attractions in Šibenik travel destination:

Šibenik travel destination st Jacob cathedralThe Cathedral of St. Jacob
This magnificent building is one of Croatia’s most prominent architectural masterpieces of 15th century. In 2000, it was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
Šibenik travel destination Saint Michael s FortressSaint Michael’s Fortress
Situated at the top of a 70-metres-high rock, this fortress is Šibenik’s highest viewpoint. It represents the beginning of Šibenik as a civilized locality as it was the centre of the city back in 1st century. Today, the fort is a historical attraction as well as a venue to music festivals and cultural events.
Šibenik travel destination Children s FestivalŠibenik International Children’s Festival
For 56 years in a row, this children’s festival has been host to various domestic and international performers. Children’s plays, concerts and workshops are traditionally aired live on the national television.
Šibenik travel destination St Nicholas FortressSt. Nicholas Fortress
Now open to visitors, St. Nicholas Fortress was once an important strategical point for preventing invaders from entering the town’s port. Its interesting and majestic form gives impression of importance and impact of the battles that have once been fought in this area.
Šibenik travel destination Supertoon FestivalSupertoon Festival
A young international animated film festival. Every summer it gathers numerous artists, volunteers and viewers to perform and witness good quality animated material. There are four different prize categories: short animated film, short animated film for children, animated music videos and animated commercials.
Šibenik travel destination Dalmatian ChansonDalmatian Chanson Evenings
If you find yourself in Šibenik during August, do not miss the chance to participate in this music festival. Dalmatian Chanson Evenings are the definition of Croatian intangible cultural heritage: it is a festival dedicated solely to authentic music of the Dalmatia region. It gathers the most important names of authentic Croatian music, both composers and performers.

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