International Children's Festival Šibenik

International Children’s Festival Šibenik, International Children’s Festival Šibenik, International Children’s Festival Šibenik

When you talk about cultural life in Croatia and Šibenik, one very special festival always comes to mind. It is being held yearly in the city of Šibenik and carries the name Šibenik International Children’s Festival. It is a unique festival, not only for Croatia, or even Europe but rather the entire world. Its history is long and rich, as it dates back to 1958 when the first installment was held and over the year it saw many impressive acts carried out by children from around the world.

International Children's Festival Šibenik International Childrens Festival via vacationsFirst, it started out as a movement started by a handful of enthusiasts that wanted to give children a place where they can express their creativity, but soon it began to grow exponentially, started tracking internationally and became bigger than anyone thought it would. The festival enriches a city that has always been on the leading edge when it comes to culture and continues the tradition of cultural enrichment that saw the first theater in Šibenik open in 1870, making it one of the oldest theater buildings in entire Croatia.

The festival is based on three components – children, city and festival events – that when brought together create an impressive setting and a place to be. It represents the best when it comes to art created for children and art created by children, and its main goal is to show and improve artistic and creative upbringing of children. Festival initiates and develops ideas tied to various art forms – drama, puppetry, music, movie, literary and arts – aimed at children. International Children’s Festival accomplishes that by combining three fundamental types of content – annual gathering of ensembles from Croatia and worldwide (art aimed at children), workshop program (education of children), artistically themed symposiums (professional and scientific).

International Children's Festival Šibenik International Childrens Festival via vacationsThe open stage in front of the old city hall and the old theater building were the sights of countless performances carried out by ensembles from Croatia and around the world. Workshops and art exhibits are hosted around the city and they further enrich the festival’s offering. The whole world is intertwined on the city squares and streets, and in the process, it builds out the consciousness about art among children.
If you are in search of a place where you can go back in time to your childhood, or a place where you can bring your children so that they can see what art can be and how it cohabitates with us in modern society, Šibenik and its International Children’s Festival is the place to be.

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