National park Krka

National park Krka is one of most astonishing and breathtaking sceneries nature has to offer in Croatia. Krka is a river that springs at the foothill of mountain Dinara, near the town of Knin.  National park starts 2km downstream and encompasses area of 109 square km, till the town of Skradin. In its path it unites with its tributary, river Čikola and continues to flow to Adriatic Sea. Its submerged estuary is an intriguing place for divers, because it is overflowing with life.

There are 860 plant species in national park, and some of them are endemic, like Chimney Bellflower and Illyrian Iris. Numerous birds, bats, reptilians, amphibians had chosen this paradise as their settlement. 20 different fish species inhabit crystal clear water, out of which 10 are endemic – a fact that puts Krka in highest monument of nature category.

National park Krka via vacationsBase phenomenon of National park Krka is travertine. Through time, its sedimentation formed seven magnificent waterfalls: Bilušića buk (buk=noise), Brljan, Manojlovački slap, Rošnjak, Miljacka slap, Roški slap i Skradinski buk. Every single one of them is a synergetic miracle of three elements of life – air, earth and water.

Skradinski buk is most visited and most popular place in National park Krka.  When people talk about National park Krka it is most likely they mean – Skradinski buk . It is the last waterfall in park and the biggest one. In its area of sighting, putting aside gorgeous cascades and small islands, you can also visit ethno village with its watermills, craft shops and the original turbine from the world’s, second ever made hydro-plant. This is why ethno village at National park Krka recently received the prestigious Golden Flower of Europe award.  At the base of the waterfall, there is a swimming place, where you can seek out for refreshment in its icy water during hot summer days, or hide out in the tree shade with a glass of cold bear.  You can take a boat to get to Skradinski buk , which leaves from beautiful marina of the little town Skradin, but it can also be reached by car from the Lozovac entrance.

National park Krka Visovac via vacationsSecond most popular destination is a small island of Visovac.  Place of peace and prayer. It was built in century and originally settled by Augustinian monks. It contains a library and a museum with valuable historical paintings, books, incunabula and archaeological collection. Central figure of island is our Lady of Visovac church, built in century and it is surrounded by magical arboretum.  There you can also attend in mass serving, lead by the Franciscan monks, who take care of the islands riches and live the life of solitude and devotion to faith.  To get to the island you take a short ride on a charming little boat navigated by always joyful and smiling captain.

One more spiritual centre of the orthodox Dalmatian eparchy is Krka monastery. Dedicated to Archangel Michael, it was founded in 1345 by Jelena Šubić, the wife of a local Croatian noble and half-sister to Emperor Dušan of Serbia. Beneath the complex stretches a natural cave system with catacombs and early Christian graffiti, approximately dating to 1-st century AD.

There are also eminent historical buildings to be seen, like fortress of Trošenj (14-th century). It is a heritage of the great Croatian Noble Šubić family, and is located on the right bank of river Krka. Whilst on the left side of the river the fortress of Nečeven can be seen.

Fortress of Ključica, though, is most preserved one, and also the biggest medieval fortress over the canyon of Čikola river.

As if all mentioned wouldn’t be enough  to,  at least intrigue, all history and nature lovers, it would be a great negligence not to mention Burnum – Roman military camp and amphitheatre, and Roški slap –  the last waterfall, at the end of the barrier where Krka falls into Visovac lake. Place where you can also rejuvenate, enjoying the taste of local cuisine and cold appetizers.

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