Croatian Best beach Zlatni rat

Croatian Best beach Zlatni rat is covered with white sand and pebbles and hidden behind a dense pine forests. It is just a 15 minute walk from the town (Bol) center along the wide promenade in the shade of old pine trees. If you are not up for a walk, there is a tourist train that can take you there in a matter of minutes.

It is placed on island Brač which is one of the largest islands in Croatia. It has lots of exotic beaches and idyllic locations; Zlatni Rat is the most popular one.

Croatian Best beach Zlatni rat has yet another specialty, apart from the stunning white sand. The tip of the beach is positioned deep into the sea, and as such is affected by winds and sea currents; the position of its tip looks like it is swaying from right to left changing the beaches shape and position (Rat is local word for the top of a peninsula).

At the foot of the peninsula is a pinewood forest where you can find various drinks and refreshments, variety of fast food stalls, fresh fruits and services. For example you might want to get a professional massage from a therapist or even have your nails polished. On hot summer days, fresh fruit salads really hit the spot. Keep in mind though that their prices are higher than on the market.

On the right side there is a nudist area. As the beach is relatively small certain overlapping is always present but no one pays too much attention.

There are lots of fun things to do and enjoyment can be found by both children and adults alike. Croatian Best beach Zlatni rat is also a dog-friendly beach where you can play with your pets in a fenced area.

The island of Brač is located to the north of Hvar and between them a channel is formed. There is always wind there and you can have a great time windsurfing. Because of the winds it is one of the best destinations for windsurfing in the Adriatic.

Despite its sandy appearance and pebbles, Croatian Best beach Zlatni rat is a beach where you cannot enjoy in the shallow waters. The sea turns deep very fast due to the terrain so it is important for parents to take precaution and look after their children.

The Croatian Best beach Zlatni rat is absolutely in the “must be visited” category.

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How to get there:
By plane – Bol Airport
By ferry from Split port – Jadrolinija Split – Supetar