Vodnjak Kampanel diving

Vodnjak Kampanel diving, Vodnjak Kampanel diving, Vodnjak Kampanel diving

The island of Hvar is known for its numerous diving sites, most of them located in Pakleni islands archipelago. Hvar’s underwater world offers many attractive locations rich with flora and fauna. Along with the scenery, divers can enjoy the remains of sunken ships and a large variety of underwater caves. Relatively high sea temperatures throughout the year make the archipelago attractive to divers all year round and diving sites are one of the more popular ones on the Croatia side of the Adriatic sea. Vodnjak Kampanel is one of the examples.

Vodnjak Kampanel diving Croatian diving Vodnjak Kampanel via vacationsOne of the most beautiful and striking dive sites in the Adriatic sea can be found near the island of Hvar and it is called Vodnjak Kampanel. The site is located at the southern-most part of the archipelago, near the islet of Vodnjak. The name Vodnjak Kampanel was given by the locals because the underwater crag resembles a bell-tower in its shape.

The site is hard to find and it requires the help of the instruments or instructions from an experienced diver that knows that part of the sea really well. Vodnjak Kampanel is reachable by a boat and the dive is recommended only for advanced divers or novice divers that will explore the site in organized groups led by experienced divers. It is an open water dive and divers start their dive down to the seabed along the anchoring line. Divers need to be beware of the strong currents in this part of the sea, as the waters are pretty turbulent and they need to take extra precaution during the dive. The most interesting sites to see during the dive are the bell-tower that rises from the depths, the 5-meter long tunnel at 35 meters and the canyon covered in red gorgonians at 15-40 meters of depth. Along with red gorgonians (that can sometimes be blue, pink or purple), the divers can encounter lobsters, spotted dogfish, conger eels, moray, and octopi.

Access: from boat
Depth: 10 – 50 meters
Conditions of diving: visibility is good (20 – 40 meters), currents are strong so precaution is needed. The best time to come to explore the site is in the summer but diving is possible all year round. The sea temperature is around 14C in winter and 24C in summer.
Guides: diving centers from Hvar and Brac
Recommended for: for advanced diving categories