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Varaždin travel destination is located in the northwest part of Croatia alongside the river Drava. The city is often called Croatia’s northwest gateway, due to its position and transport connectivity. These features have allowed the city to stay in the focus through its history. Tourism in Varaždin is highly developed, and the city has a lot to offer, from cultural events (exhibits, theater, classical music), sporting activities, museums etc. No matter what the field of interest you have, Varaždin will most likely be able to cover it.

The city’s architecture is known for its old fort – Castle Varaždin – baroque buildings, palaces, churches, and a cathedral.

Varaždin was first mentioned in 1181. It has enjoyed growth over the years up until the time when the Ottoman Empire started to invade the region in the 16th century. During that time Varažin has become a military stronghold for the Austro-Hungarians. 17th and 18th century marked the rise of Varaždin as it grew as a political, cultural and economic center of the region.

The railroad development that happened during the 19th century further enabled the development of the city and made it possible for Varaždin travel destinationto become what it is today.

Varaždin travel destination, like most of the cities in the continental Croatia, has a moderate climate. Summers are hot and winters are cold, but the temperatures don’t reach the extremes. Average temperature during the summer is around 20 degrees Celsius, with the highs reaching around 30 degrees Celsius, and the lows reaching -10 degrees Celsius.

Attractions in Varaždin travel destination:


Varaždin travel destinationVaraždin Castle
is a fortification first mentioned in the 12th century. Over the years it has seen a number of facelifts with the last major one happening in the 16th century, when the castle was upgraded with round towers and when a moat was dug around it. This gave it the look it still bears today. The city’s museum is located within it today.
Varaždin travel destinationThe church of St. Nicholas
has been around since the middle-ages. Stories say that it has been built on the site of a former bear lair, and this is why the church’s bell tower features a statue of a bear. The church features both gothic and baroque elements.
Varaždin travel destinationNumerous baroque palaces
are located within Varaždin. The most notable ones are Palace Herzer, Palace Patačić, and Palace Drašković.
Varaždin travel destinationŠpancirfest is the street festival
that takes place on the streets of Varaždin. It features a lot of different festivals such as Moderato festival (classical music), Jazz festival and Ritam festival (concerts). Špancirfest takes place every August and the first edition of it took place in 1999.
Varaždin travel destinationThe Vindija cave
is the cave located near Varaždin. Vindija has been named as the paleologic monument in 1964. Vindija also owes some of its fame to the remains of Neandertals which were found there in 1974. Those remains were some of the best-preserved remains in the world, and as such, they were used in the Neanderthal genome project.

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