Špancirfest Varaždin street festival

spancirfest varazdin street festivalŠpancirfest Varaždin street festival is a street festival that is held in the streets and squares of Varaždin. It is one of the biggest street festivals in Croatia and as such always draws a lot of interest from Varaždin’s inhabitants along with the tourists both from Croatia and other countries. The festival itself consists of various smaller festivals. These festivals are the following:
• Hlapić fest – includes program (mostly theater shows) aimed at children under the age of 14.
• Komedija fest – festival dedicated to comedy.
• Moderato fest – aimed at fans of classical music.
• Jazz fest – aimed at Jazz fans.
• Ritam fest – includes various concerts of all kinds of music genres.
• Ulica fest (eng. street fest) – includes all kinds of street performers from acrobats, over musicians to puppeteers.

spancirfest varazdin street festival via vacationsIn the above-mentioned festivals, there are over 300 various acts ad programs on yearly basis.
The first Špancirfest Varaždin street festival took place in 1999. Given that, it is the oldest festival of its kind in Croatia. The main idea behind the festival is to host artistic forms whose purpose is to give a unique feeling of the freedom of expression, and creative thinking to each and every visitor of the festival. The vast diversity of the acts, both amateur and professional mix one with another and paint a unique picture of sights and sounds that are bound to satisfy even the most demanding visitors. The festival values creativity and diversity above all else, matching the open-mindedness of the people of Varaždin. It also gives the visitors a chance to become a part of the art, through interaction with the artists that are performing. It also needs to be mentioned that it allows artists and performers to meet other artist and this way improve their own acts through collaboration and experiences shared between them.

Some of the notable international artists who performed at Špancirfest Varaždin street festival include: Blondie, Manu Chao, Clearence Clearwater Revived, Laibach, Siddharta, 2Cellos, Nouvelle Vague and many others.
The baroque city of Varaždin will again become the cultural focal point of Croatia and the region as it hosts its 19th Špancirfest in 2017. The festivities will start on 18th of August and end on the 27th of the same month.
The musical program of the festival is held in three different stages/locations. Visitors have to buy tickets for the two of them – Stari grad (eng. Old town) and Villa Bedeković – while the concerts located at the Square of Miljenko Stančić are free of charge.

Daily passes for Stari grad in the preorder cost from 49 up to 129 kunas (6.5€ to 17€ or 7$ to 18.5$), depending on the day, while they are priced at 60 to 140 kunas (7€ to 18€ or 8.5$ to 20$) at the gates. Tickets for the entire duration of the program is priced at 239 kunas – 31.5€ or 34$.
Daily passes for Villa Bedeković cost 79 kunas – 10€ or 11$.

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