St Nicholas church Varaždin

The first written mention of the parish St Nicholas church Varaždin date back to 1334.  However, in a document from 1756. a priest requests financial help for the purpose of the restoration of the parish church, and in the document, he mentions that the church is 584 years old. Meaning that the church dates back to 1172. That old parish church of Saint Wenceslaus used to stand in the place where the parish church of Saint Nicholas stands today. That old parish church was built in a romantic style, evidence by the romantic elements which were found in the foundations of the church of Saint Nicholas during the restoration of the Church in 1968.

The old romantic style Church has slowly become too small for the growing population of Varaždin, so the effort for its reconstruction began in the 15th century. St Nicholas church Varaždin was expanded and reconstructed in a gothic manner and it is named after Saint Nicholas. During that time, the Church and the square located in front of it represented the town center in the full sense of the word.

The Church has been heavily damaged in 1952. when it got caught in a fire. Its roof was damaged the most, so the city folk started to gather the funds necessary to rebuild the roof and repair the rest of the Church.

Report from the 17th century suggests that St Nicholas church Varaždin of that time was spacious and built out of stone blocks. It had three entrances, one main and two side ones which were accessible through corbelled vestibules. The main altar featured a large painting of Saint Nicholas and along with side altar that featured status of many various saints sadly didn’t survive the test of time.

St Nicholas church Varazdin via vacationsDuring the 18th century, St Nicholas church Varaždin has reached one of its low points and it became dilapidated. This forced the county to raze the Church and build a new one in its place. The construction of the new baroque style Church had begun in 1753. The architect of the Church was Matthias Mayerhoffer, who was in charge until he passed away in 1758. After that, the main architect was Joannes Adamus Posch. Both of them were a citizen of Varaždin during the construction of the Church. The Church as it is known now was completed in 1771. Its major feature is the bell tower that rises above the Church.

Sadly in 1776. a new fire has engulfed the Church and it severely damaged it. The restoration of the Church didn’t start until 1788. when the bishop of Zagreb Josip Galjuf donated funds needed for the restoration.

In 1896. St Nicholas church Varaždin got a new set of the pneumatic organ which is considered a masterpiece by one of the most notable organ builder in the region, the Slovenian Josef Brandl. At the beginning of the 20th century, Maks Kolarić became the parish priest and started another restoration of the Church. During the restauration, the Church got its new colored windows, walls, windows decorated with baroque style ornaments, and new statues of saints that were installed on the altars in the Church. This was the last restoration to date and the look of the today’s Church can be attributed to it in a large part.

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