Varaždin baroque palaces

Varaždin is labeled as ‘’baroque city’’ due to a large number of Varaždin baroque palaces which were built in the strict town center from the second half of the 17th century up until the start of the 19th century. Palaces were built by various noble families that lived in the city during that period in time.

Varaždin baroque palaces via vacationsThe main city square features a palace of count Drašković. Its existence is first noted in the 16th century, but the current building dates back to the 18th century. In the past, it was flanked by the Czindery palace on one side and the Bishop’s palace on the other side. However, both of these buildings were destroyed in the late 19th century. The square is dominated by the city hall, which stands since the 15th century, but it owes its looks to the facelift that took place in 1791. and ended in 1793.

Franjevački square features a well-known Patačić place. Despite its rather small stature in comparison to other Varaždin baroque palaces, it features a really rich forefront. Count Franjo Patačić and his wife Katarina held dances and theater show in the palace, which contributes to the overall appeal and the history of the residence. Several rooms of the palace contain artwork related to the time period. Next door to it there is a palace of the Varaždin county. This palace is one of the biggest and most impressive baroque – or any other kind of – palace in all of Croatia and the region. The central hall of the building features an illusionistic architecture that encapsulates marble columns that support the tin ceiling. The palace was designed by a well-known architect from Varaždin, the esteemed Jakov Erber.

Varaždin baroque palaces via vacationsThe same square features three more Varaždin baroque palaces, the two of them are Wasserman-Kreuz and Herzer palaces. Both of these were built in a late-baroque classicistic manner. The interesting tidbit about the Herzer palace is that it wasn’t built by a noble house, but rather the city’s postman who got rich after he won the lottery. However, the palace was taken from him after he bankrupted shortly after he finished building it. The third palace is the one that was built by the Zagreb’s Kaptol and it is distinguished from others thanks to a rich forefront that features the motive of a God’s eye.

Other notable Varaždin baroque palaces located inside the city limits include:

  • Chamaré de Harbuval
  • Palača Eggersdorfer palace
  • Erdödy palace
  • Erdödy-Oršić palace
  • Hinterholzer palaceJanković palace
  • Keglević palace
  • Patačić-Puttar palace
  • Petković palace
  • Prašinski-Sermage palace
  • Pavlinski palace
Varaždin baroque palaces via vacationsThese Varaždin baroque palaces in large define the architecture of the city and represent a large part of its identity. They are guaranteed to satisfy the interest of everyone who takes a stroll through the city streets of Varaždin in search for impressive architecture.

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