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Zadar travel destination is another gem when it comes to the heritage of the Roman Empire. Unlike Pula, whose ground plan was affected by reigns of both Roman and Austro-Hungarian Empire, Zadar’s streets form a rectangular web with proportional widths and lengths, typical for the Romans. Its Forum is the biggest of all antique Croatian travel destinations, and is also larger than those of some of the most prominent cities on the Italian peninsula. Mediterranean climate invites tourists to visit Zadar at any time of the year with the lowest annual temperature being around 7°C and the highest around 35°C. Maraschino cherry liqueur, rich cultural heritage, clear sea, traditional festivals – just the tip of the iceberg for visitors of all ages. In proximity of Zadar Croatian travel destination you will find three out of eight national parks of Croatia, the Kornati archipelago, Krka and Paklenica, as well as three out of overall eleven nature parks, Velebit, Telašćica and the beautiful Lake Vrana. Zadar is known to be the city of “the most beautiful sunsets in the whole world”, so why not visit this destination and see for yourself?

Attractions in Zadar travel destination:

Zadar travel destination sea organs

The Sea Organ

First of the two architectural installations by Nikola Bašić that embellished the city of Zadar back in 2005. Both an architectural site and an experimental musical instrument, this one of a kind attraction invites you to sit at the marble steps that lead into the sea and listen to the music the sea waves create when hitting the coast.

Zadar travel destination sun salutation

Sun Salutation

Nikola Bašić’s 2nd creative project is consisted of a large circle of photovoltaic cells that contain LED lights. The waves hitting the sea organ make this interesting piece of art come to life after dark – they help create various colorful patterns that allow you to play with them by stepping inside the circle. There is an ecological side to this project as well since the fields collect energy that supplies the whole waterfront.

Zadar travel destination st Donatus

Church of St. Donatus

The construction of this massive and interesting church began during the 9th century. Initially it was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, but has later been renamed to carry the name of its constructor and one of Zadar’s saints, St. Donatus.

Zadar travel destination Kalelargart


This street-art festival got is name after the main street in Zadar, Kalelarga. It connects various dances, both traditional and contemporary, theatre, exhibitions, performances and acrobatics. KalelargArt is an ideal motive to spend summer nights under the clear night sky.

Zadar travel destination milenium jump

Millenium Jump

Every July, around 3000 people gather at the waterfront and jump into the Zadar sea performing various types of jumps.

Zadar travel destination Museum of Ancient Glass

Museum of Ancient Glass

Over 5000 different glass objects from the antics can be found in this unique museum. Connecting ancient with modern, workshops of glassmaking are also held in this cultural gem.

Zadar travel destination The Gold and Silver of Zadar

The Gold and Silver of Zadar

Within the structure to the church of St. Mary, or more specfically her monastery, the Permanent Exhibition of Religious Art was formed in 1972, one of the most worth-while exhibitions in Croatia, popularly called “The Gold and Silver of Zadar”.

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