Kampanel diving

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Kampanel is located near the town of Sali on the island of Dugi Otok. To find this location you need to have a lot of experience in diving. The beauty of the walls of Kampanel and its plateau makes it the attractive site you can see while visiting Sali, Dugi Otok. Although Kampanel is voted as one of the Top 10 diving sites in Croatia, nearby sites shouldn’t be missed while visiting the island of Dugi Otok, as they too offer a lot, despite often being in the shadows of their more famous ”brother”. The island of Garminjak and the Island of Sestrice Male are also great places to take a dive and see a beautiful and diverse floral and faunal species such as sponges, gorgonians, stingers, scorpion fish, lobsters, brown combers and marine goldfish.
Kampanel –a word for bell in one of the dialects of the Croatian language – resembles a bell. The colors and variety of flora and fauna make it one of the most spectacular and beautiful sites in the Adriatic sea, if not far wider.

Kampanel diving Croatian diving Kampanel via vacationsKampanel is located at the depth of 30 meters and its diameter is only 6 meters. As mentioned before, the site is hard to find – so be sure to use a guide unless you like to engage into exploration – and it is accessible only by boat, and the boat needs to be anchored at the very top of the island. The dive starts along the anchor line to the bank’s tip and continues along the vertical drop to the plateau that is located at the depth of 55 meters. At the plateau, divers can find yellow, pink, white and red gorgonian, along with other cnidaria species. In crevices and holes, divers can encounter bonitos, marine goldfish, two- banded sea bream and other types of fish. Ascent is along the bank and up the anchoring line with safety stops. This dive, because of the strong currents needs to be taken with precaution. What makes this diving site one of the most beautiful ones in Adriatic sea is the site of Kampanel appearing from the blue depths that takes your breath away, so if you ever get a chance to visit island of Dugi Otok, don’t miss the chance to visit Kampanel.

Access: from boat
Depth: 6 – 56 meters
Diving conditions: best time to go for this dive is from May to October. Average temperature ranges from 15 to 25 C. Visibility is good, from 10 – 30 meters, but the divers need to be careful because of strong currents, especially on the top of the bank.
Guides: diving schools in island of Dugi Otok
Recommended for: although all the categories of divers can go on this dive, it is recommended for more experienced divers because the location of the dive is not easy to find and more important because the site takes divers along the vertical drop to a depth of 56 meters.

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