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Katedrala diving Croatian diving Katedrala via vacationsPremuda is a small island in the Croatian Adriatic sea located in Zadar archipelago and it is neatly situated right next to the picturesque islands of Silba and Skarda. The island is around 10 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide and it is the last island before you reach the Italian coastline. In the sea around the island of Premuda, you can find the extraordinarily beautiful cave which goes by the name of Katedrala – Croatian for Cathedral. Katedrala is one of the most famous caves in the entire Adriatic sea and it got its name from the huge cupola-shaped hall with beautiful light rays that fall through the porous ceiling. It is, in fact, a complex of small caves filled with numerous crevices and cavities and it is a famous, if not the most famous diving spot in that part of the Adriatic sea.

Katedrala diving Croatian diving Katedrala via vacationsThe diving site is reachable only by a boat and is marked by an anchoring buoy above a plateau which is located at a depth of 6 meters. The divers will start from the buoy, then they gradually dive down to the plateau, before reaching it at the depth of 6 meters and then they proceed towards one of the openings to the cave. Currents are minimal or nonexisting which helps to make the dive more enjoyable. From the opening to the cave, the dive continues to the depth of 30 meters to the larger hall that contains an opening on the right wall. The divers need to follow the right side of the hall to a narrow tunnel called The Chimney.

The Chimney leads back to the plateau that is only wide enough for one diver, so you need to keep that in mind when taking a dive in Katedrala. The dive is suitable for all the categories of divers, but it’s recommended for group dives with an expert guide. For more experienced divers there is a tunnel running to a depth of 16 meters that leads to the main cave entrance at the depth of 50 meters. On this dive, divers can see a wreck of the WWI Austro-Hungarian battleship called SMS Szent Istvan. The flora and fauna are diverse and the divers can encounter crabs, octopi, and rainbow wrasses while the sandy seabed is filled with white two-banded, sheepshead breams, mullets and other species. The caves are filled with corals, polychaetes, and sponges.

Access: from boat
Depth: from 10-35 meters, maximum 45-50 meters
Conditions of diving: visibility is good (average 5 meters, maximum 10 meters), and although the diving is possible all year round, the best time to come to explore the site is in the summer (from May to September). The average temperature varies from 12C-24C.
Guides: diving centers such as diving center Mihuric, and diving centers from islands of Ist and Losinj
Recommended for: for all diving categories

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