Millennium Jump Zadar

Millennium Jump Zadar millenium jump zadar via vacationsThe Millennium Jump Zadar is a happening that occurs every year going back to 2007. The jump itself is a coordinated jump into the sea that takes place at the central waterfront in Zadar, starting with the Zadar’s university all the way down to the Sea Organ. People line up in a line on the Petar Krešimir the 4th Shore and they make three jumps into the sea. The first jump is a jump in which everyone holds hands and jumps feet first into the water. The second jump is individual jump head first into the water, where people jump in a dominoes fashion, meaning that the next person jumps into the sea after the person in front of them has jumped. The third jump is the one in which everyone simultaneously jumps head first into the sea. This is possible because Zadar is one of the few cities that can provide you with a chance to take a swim in a crystal clear sea in the center of the city.

Millennium Jump Zadar millenium jump zadar via vacationsIt is estimated that over three thousand people made the jump in 2016, marking the biggest jump to date. The Millennium Jump Zadar has grown every year since the first edition and over the years more than 20000 people have made the jump into the sea. Both locals and tourists can take part in the Millennium Jump Zadar, but you can enjoy it all even if you aren’t lucky or brave enough to take part, thanks to the accompanying festivities that are organized on the shore.

The Millennium Jump Zadar is captured each year by a renowned Croatian photographer Šime Strikoman who has a series of Millennium photographs, with the Millennium Jump just being one of them. The happening is sponsored by DM, and every participant gets a t-shirt, water, and sunblock cream from the sponsor.

What also needs to be mentioned that the accompanying events often have a charity aspect tied to them, where people can collect funds for various good causes and in the process help the ones that need a helping hand.

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