Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar

Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar via vacationsThe Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar hosts the most impressive collection of ancient glass and glass objects in the southeast part of the Europe. The Museum is a rather new addition to the Zadar’s attraction list, but it quickly rose through the ranks due to its impressive collection. The museum is located inside a 19th-century palace that is known under the name Cosmacendi Palace. The Palace itself is positioned so that it overlooks the Jazine harbor, thus adding to the overall experience of the Museum. The Palace has three levels, the basement, the ground level and the first floor. Next, to the main Palace building, there is an annex building that consists of the same three levels as the main house. The Palace is located close to the city walls of the old town.  The main building of the Palace has had its forefronts restored in the same style and fashion it was originally built in. The annex building has on a different hand been built in a modern style.

The basement of the main building is used for storage purposes, while the ground level and the first floor are used for hosting permanent exhibits. The ground level also hosts the souvenir shop and the info desk for the visitor. The new annex building hosts occasional visiting exhibits in its basement, while the ground level and the first floor serve as halls for the permanent exhibits.

Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar via vacationsThe Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar is a home of one of the most notable collections of Roman glassware outside of the Italian borders. It hosts a vast variety of glass jars, small vials, cups, and jewelry.  The vast majority of these objects have been excavated in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, which was under Roman control for centuries until the fall of the Empire. Some of the most impressive pieces of the collection include exquisite small containers which were used by noble Roman women to store perfumes and essentials oils they used. The other highlights include sacral objects – goblets, flasks and other ceremonial glassware – which were used in the early days of Christendom for Mass purposes.  The replicas of the majority of the objects that are on display in the Museum can be bought in the Museum’s souvenir shop, thus allowing the visitors to bring a piece of magic back with them to their homes.

Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar via vacationsAlong with displaying the glass objects, the Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar also offers a visual guide to the methods which were used during the manufacturing process of the displayed objects and a guide through the history of glass making. Visitors can see everything, from tools which were used in the manufacturing process, to furnaces right down to techniques and the ways the objects were decorated. Visitors can also take part in lessons, in which the experts explain various aspects of glass making.


All exhibits and displays are marked both in English and Croatian, making it tourist friendly.

The working hours of the Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar differ based on the season and they are listed below:

  • Winter (October 1st until June 14th) – from 9 AM until 9 PM, Monday through Saturday.
  • Summer (June 15th until September 30th) – from 9 AM until 9 PM, Monday through Sunday.

Tickets prices are the following:

  • Adults – 30 kunas, approx. 4€ or 4.5$
  • Groups over five people – 20 kunas, approx. 2.5€ or 3$.
  • Students and school children – 10 kunas, approx. 1.5€ or 1.5$.
  • Retirees – free of charge.
  • Children under school age – free of charge.

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