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Nature park Telašćica Nature Park Telascica Dugi Otok via vacationsNature park Telašćica consists of the south part of Dugi otok (eng. Long island) with its adjoined smaller islands and part of the waters that are part of the Zadar county. Three phenomenons represent characteristics of this location: Telašćica cove (the biggest and the most beautiful natural harbour in the Adriatic sea) with its 25 small beaches, „Stene“, rocks that climb up to 161 meters above the sea level and descend 90 meters into the depths of a salty lake „Mir“ with healing properties.


Nature park Telašćica Nature Park Telascica Tanjuric Island Dugi Otok via vacations


The most picturesque of the islands in nature park Telašćica is the Katina island and the most unusual, “Tanjurić” (eng. “Small plate”), a small stone panel of 60 meters in diameter, 3 meters high and from a distance looks like a straight panel with no vegetation. The park is surrounded with covered meadows and on hills a Mediterranean vegetation can be found that has over 5000 plant and animal species, some of them being endemic (plants: Centaurea ragusina, animal: some species of snails and beetles). In the sea there are over 300 plant and animal species, some of which are also endemic (Posidonia, Gorgonians and other).


Nature park Telašćica Nature Park Telascica Dugi Otok via vacationsOn Dugi otok, as part of nature park Telešćica, there is a sanctuary for abandoned donkeys. Currently, there are around 14 donkeys living there. They move freely from the cove Mir to the south part of the island.

Dolphins are regular visitor of the nature park, therefor; you can enjoy spending time with them in the waters of the park. Since 1995., dolphins are a protected species in Croatia.

Nature park Telašćica has around 2500 sunny hours per year and the average temperature during year is 16oC. The temperature of the sea during winter is about 13oC and during summer around 23oC.

Nature park Telašćica Nature Park Telascica Dugi Otok via vacationsIn nature park we find many Romanesque churches, the most famous being the church of Saint Ivan in Svetinjem polju. The beginning of fishing in Croatia happened in this area and the proof of that is a record on fisheries at the end of the 10th century. In area near Čuha small and big burial mounds can be found.

The nature park Telašćica gives a lot of opportunities for an active vacation. You can scuba-dive in attractive areas near cliffs, stroll through interesting areas and of course, you mustn’t miss the view from the viewpoint Grpašćak.

Near the nature park there are a lot of national parks as well. NP Kornati, NP Paklenica, NP Krka and two nature parks Vrana Lake and Velebit.

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