Sun Salutation Zadar

sun salutation zadar via vacationsThe Sun Salutation Zadar is a work by the acclaimed Zadar’s architect Nikola Bašić, the same person who designed the Sea organ. The Sun salutation Zadar is located in the near vicinity of the Sea organ on the western part of Zadar’s Riva. The Sun salutation Zadar consists of three hundred multi-layered glass panels that are positioned at the same level as the Riva. The glass panels are installed in a circle which is 22 meters in diameter.  As such it is a unique urban construction and it has instantly become one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of Zadar.

sun salutation zadar via vacationsThroughout the day it collects sunlight, and then when night falls the lighting elements that are inbuilt into the circle produce amazing contracts between light and darkness. The circle of light elements is rounded with a chrome ring. Etched in the ring are the names of Zadar’s saint. Along with the saint’s name, the date of their remembrance day, the Suns’ position in relation to the Equator, Sun’s height on that date and the length of the day on that date are also etched into the ring. This transform the Sun salutation Zadar to a unique rendition of a calendar. Along with the Sun, other planets of the solar system are also represented inside the Sun salutation system with their own little circles that have their own light emitting elements. The sizes of the Sun panel and planet panels are proportional to their sizes in real life, however, the distances between them aren’t because some of the planet panels would need to be kilometers away to achieve that.

sun salutation zadar via vacationsThe combination of the ‘’music’’ produced by the Sea organ and the light show that is created by the Sun salutation is a sight to behold if you are strolling down the Riva after the night falls on the city. What adds to the overall experience is the beautiful backdrop of the Zadar’s channel, islands and the sunset that is extremely attractive when looked at from the Riva.

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