Velebit ultra trail

Velebit ultra trail

About the race:
A race through the mythical Croatian mountain Velebit. The start and the finish line is on 0m above the sea level at the seafront of old town Paklenica. The race goes through the south part of Velebit, going around the highest points of the mountain including the highest, Vagan point, 1757m above the sea level. Throughout the race, which is held in June, beautiful views alternate as with the weather. It consists of forests, rocky paths with a sea view, having temperatures of 5-6oC during night and up to 35oC during day. The most difficult trail in Croatia, for participating in an Ultra trail one must have at least three other finished Ultra trails.

Velebit ultra trail via vacations

The official length of the race:
Ultra: 90km with 6370m of the total climb
Marathon: 42km with 2500m of the total climb
Challenger: 22km with 1200m of the total climb
Active: 14.5km with 750m of the total climb
Light: 5.5km with 300m of the total climb

GPS Velebit ultra Trail. GPS taken from the Trekking League:

Ultra category GPS trail

Marathon category GPS trail

Challenger category GPS trail

Active category GPS trail

Light category GPS trail

Velebit ultra Trail consists of gravel and dirt roads, forest paths, narrow paths and sharp mountain rocks. So far, it has shown that the best shoes are running shoes for hard surfaces that protect the feet from painful strikes against the hard rocky ground. It is advisable to run with bicycle gloves because of the sharp rocks in case of a fall.

Velebit ultra trail via vacationsUltra:
The length of Ultra changes every year, usually between 70 and 100km. For year 2017, Velebit 100 miles has been announced. Race time of the winner in 2016 was 12:59:24, therefore, expect the part of the race to be during the night and to come across wild animals.

Personal experience:
In year 2015. I participated Velebit ultra Trail in category Active. Hot and sunny day made the race even harder to finish. In the beginning you run through the old town Paklenica, enter the national park Paklenica and start the climb onto Mala Paklenica. During those 1km of climbing most of climbing in the race is finished. The climb was one of the toughest I experienced, however, when you get to the top, the view is beautiful and that’s when I realized it was worth it. On one side is the view of the sea and islands and on the other the rest of Velebit. The race was one of the harder ones with the most beautiful views and that’s what I want to experience in every race.

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