Zadar Sea Organ

Zadar Sea Organ is a marvel of both music and architecture. The organ is a unique blend that hasn’t been seen anywhere before. Its designer and creator Nikola Bašić constructed them with help from Ivica Stamać, Vladimir Andročec and the organ atelier Heferer. Zadar Sea Organ was ceremoniously put in ‘’production’’ on 15th of April 2005.

Unlike the regular organ, which use air pumps to produce sound, the Zadar Sea Organ uses the sea energy influenced by tides and ebb tides to produce unique sounds. They are located in the western part of Zadar’s Riva (eng. Coast) in the near vicinity of another Zadar’s landmark, the Sun Salutation.

Zadar sea organ via vacationsNikola Bašić has envisioned Zadar Sea Organ as organ pipes that will be inbuilt into the coastal wall. Riva was de-leveled in cascades in length of 75 meters. Each sequence of the Sea organ has inbuilt pipes of various diameters which produce a different kind of sounds.

The challenge was to evade corrosion that was bound to happen if usual materials were used in the construction of the pipes, due to the influence of salty sea water. Due to that, they used polyethylene tubes that have resonating cavities made out of stainless steel. The reason for usage of stainless steel is the fact that polyethylene is thermic ally volatile so it is extremely difficult to create necessary cuts on it in order to create resonating cavities (whistles in layman terms).

Zadar sea organ via vacationsMusician Ivica Stamać was in charge of acoustics. He envisioned seven sound clusters from two major accords (G and C6) that are exchanged through the organ. He picked sounds and accords on a music matrix taken from Klapa (a group of five to eight vocalists that sing a-cappella songs specific for the Dalmatia region of Croatia) musical background.

Zadar Sea Organ has won the European award for public and urban development in competition with 207 projects from 31 European countries. This highlights both the cultural and architectural work and the impact it has had on Zadar’s Riva and making it a must see attraction when you visit Zadar.

Since it is located on the Riva, the access to it is free and you don’t have to buy a ticket in order to see it and enjoy its music.

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