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Zagreb travel destination is the political, economical and cultural capital of Croatia. It is often called ”The City of Million”, which is a reference to its one million inhabitants. This makes it the most populated city in all of Croatia, along with being the biggest. In recent years it got very popular among tourists because it offers a vast array of attractions that suit almost anyone.

The first written mention of the name Zagreb is dated back to 1094. Zagreb has first been granted a status of a free city in 1242 when the King Bela the IV of Hungary and Croatia proclaimed it a free city as a sign of gratitude for hiding him from the Tatars. In 1850 the two neighboring settlements called Gradec and Kaptol united and in the process allowed the development of a modern central European around them. The old part of the town developed around them on the left bank of the river Sava. The new part of the town, commonly referred as Novi Zagreb developed on the right bank of the river Sava starting in 1960.

Zagreb travel destination has four distinctive seasons. Winters are known to be cold with temperatures commonly reaching -15 degrees Celsius, while summers are hot and the average temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius, with temperatures reaching above 30 degrees Celsius at the height of the summer. Zagreb isn’t known as being a city that sees a lot of rainfall.

Given its geographical position in Europe Zagreb travel destination has seen a lot of different cultures mixing in it throughout the history of the city, making it a unique blend. The biggest influence on it came from Austria and Hungary given the cities long history withing Austro-Hungary. A lot of it is shown in the city’s architecture, culture, and landmarks.

Attractions in Zagreb travel destination:


zagreb croatian travel destination sljeme via vacationsSljeme is the peak of the mountain Medvednica that rises above the city of Zagreb, and as such, it is the favorite weekend destination for the citizens of Zagreb. It offers a lot in terms of hiking and biking trails, architectural landmarks such as Medvedgrad (a medieval fort from the 13th century) and other activities. Sljeme is the host of the Alpine Ski Cup Race – the Snow Queen Trophy.
zagreb croatian travel destination jarun via vacationsZagreb Croatian travel destination is a landlocked city, so the people of Zagreb like to refer to the Jarun Lake as the Zagreb’s sea. It is a popular destination among citizens of Zagreb as it offers a place to cool off during the hot summer months. You can see people swimming or rowing in the lake, along with other who are running, riding their bikes or rollerblading around the lake.
zagreb croatian travel destination maksimir via vacationsMaksimir is the city’s biggest park. A green oasis where people go to relax and enjoy their outdoor activities has been opened since 1794. and it is located in the eastern part of the city. It is the first large public park in South-east Europe. The park features 5 lakes and a ZOO.
zagreb croatian travel destination inmusic via vacationsInMusic festival is the biggest open air music festival in Zagreb and second biggest in Croatia after the Ultra Music festival that takes place in Split and the isle of Hvar. Often referred to as the Croatian Glastonbury, it is located on the Jarun lake and features a vast array of performers. It takes place over three days and the 2017 edition will be the 12th one. Some of the former headliners include Florence + The Machine, Placebo, Rudimental, Skunk Anansie etc.


zagreb croatian travel destination advent zagreb via vacationsAdvent in Zagreb Croatian travel destination is the city fair that takes place during December and January. During that period the city’s main square is filled with small concession stands that sell a vast array of both edible and un-edible goods. Advent in Zagreb is the main reason Zagreb Croatian travel destination has won the award for the best European advent destination in 2015.
zagreb croatian travel destination zagreb cathedral via vacationsZagreb cathedral is the biggest sacral building in Croatia and one of the most cherished cultural landmarks in all of Croatia. It’s history dates back to the 11th century, and it owes it current looks to Herman Bolle, an architect that redesigned it in 1880 to fit a neogothic design.
zagreb croatian travel destination st marko via vacationsSt. Mark’s church dates back to the middle of the 13th century, it is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Croatia with its most notable feature the roof that features the crest of the historical crest of Croatia and the crest of the city of Zagreb, created out of roof tiles.
zagreb croatian travel destination zagreb tram via vacationsTrams are the main means of public transport within Zagreb. These train’s little cousins are the blue lifeline of Zagreb that makes it tick. They are a perfect way to get you wherever you want to go.

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