Advent in Zagreb

In 2015 Advent in Zagreb was named the best Advent destination in all of Europe. The biggest reason for that is the Advent in Zagreb festival that starts in late November and last until mid-January. The festival consists of a number of smaller ”happenings”, which when put together under one name provide an experience that rivals the most renowned European destinations.

advent in zagreb king tomislav square via vacationsIce park at the King Tomislav’s square offers a big ice rink, where adults and children can skate and enjoy themselves. Around the rink, there will be around twenty kiosks that will offer a vast array of gastronomical offerings. The location of the rink is also a big draw, as the King Tomislav’s square offers one of the most beautiful sights in all of Zagreb. The most striking image being the main railroad station building that dominates the scenery. Ice park will last from 26th of November until 8th of January.
advent in zagreb zrinjevac square via vacationsAdvent at Zrinjevac is located in a park filled with tall sycamore trees that offer a unique experience when they are covered in Christmas lights during the Advent time. The park itself is just 2 minutes od walk from the cities main square. During the Advent in Zagreb time, the park is filled with a kiosk that sells traditional food from Zagreb area, along with kiosks that sell souvenirs specific for Zagreb and Croatia. Kiosks will be at Zrinjevac from 26th of November until 8th of January.
advent in zagreb european square via vacationsAdvent in Zagreb at the European square takes place from 26th of November until New Year’s Day. European square is the favorite destination for young people during the Advent in Zagreb time  There you can find exhibits, concerts, food kiosks, cooked wine, souvenirs and other goods that will suit anyone who happens to find himself there. It is the most urban of all of the Zagreb’s urban sites.
advent in zagreb main square via vacationsZagreb’s main square packs a punch as well. From the music shows under the tent, to food carts, wine and schnapps kiosks to the big Advent wreath that is wrapped around the Manduševac fountain, where people can light candles and add them to the wreath. Advent on the main square lasts from 18th November until 19th of December.

Fuliranje is one of the oldest and most original parts of the Advent in Zagreb. During its five-year existence over one million people walked up and down the Tomić and Kurelčeva streets. There they enjoyed close to 500 concerts, DJ shows, exhibits etc. Fuliranje was the first to put well known Croatian chefs and winemakers behind food carts on the street. The 2016 edition will be split in two, the Tomićeva street will feature chefs and Kurelčeva will feature music, with the main focus being the Disco music from the 70s. Fuliranje starts on 26th of November and lasts until 8th of January.

Other happenings that are a part of the Advent in Zagreb festival are Advent in the Upper Town, Strauss in the Octagon, From Christmas Balconies to Zagreb, Christmas Fair etc. No matter what interests you the most you are very likely to find it at the Advent in Zagreb festival.

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